Monday, June 25, 2007

I am bored with "celebrity" and would like to brag on about myself..

Ok this entry will come off harsh, snarky and self-indulging, but isn't that really why we all post on these things.

Let's begin with Entertainment Weekly's TOP 100 of TV and Entertainment Weekly's TOP 100 of Movies. The reason I bring up this awesome read is that it seems they agree with many of my ramblings from previous posts - i.e. My coverage of Hayden Panettiere's rise
My coverage of Shia LeBeouf's rise - Part 1
My coverage of Shia LeBeouf's rise - Part 2

They also send mucho appreciation to some of my main men from the Apatow crowd - in which will hopefully be the big summer comedy of SUPERBAD . Here's the trailer again for those of you who missed it the first time.

And here are some of the great pics from the Entertainment Weekkly issue...




They also managed to point out the funny that is funny or and "The Pearl" controversy. EW has easily become a powerful force in the entertinament media rat race which always seems to cover stories with credibility and honesty. And damn, they are funny...(HINT TO ANY EDITOR READING THIS - HIRE ME!!!) This leads to the anger I had discussed originally....I AM SICK OF PAPARAZZI / CRAPPY GOSSIP SITES / BAD GOSSIP TV....

We can only tell the story of Lohan losing it, Hilton getting what she deserves, hearing Isaiah Washington try to dig himself out of a hole and Jennifer aniston doesn't like her picture taken enough times before I ask - is this news??? was it ever news??? To Be Continued......