Monday, April 16, 2007

Shia is having one hell of a year so far - SHINING STAR UPDATE

With the number one movie of the weekend and a great hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, Shia Lebeouf is truly on his way to mega star status. I can ramble about the prediction I made on the hot career, but let's just discuss the leading mans hits.

If it wasn't enough that Shia finally confirmed his part in the upcoming 4th installation of the Indiana Jones dynasty, his most recent film, Disturbia - a modern day teen version of "Rear Window". opened this weekend with $22.6 million dollars at almost 3,000 theaters across America. You can read more here.

The 20 year old also did a phenominal job at his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. With a gracious monologue and some great interaction with the funny cast, LeBeouf really held his own and showed some great comedic timing. Rounding out the show was Avril Lavigne and two songs from her brand new album. And amazingly Avril could sing in tune and without a track - a smart and crafty move I might say. Hopefully Ashlee is taking a cue.

Here is my favorite sketch from the weekend show

And this parody of an O.C. episode with an Imogen Heap soundtrack is brilliant.

Next week Scarlett Johansson will be stopping by the Saturday Night Live set with musical guest Bjork. See more backstage info, upcoming schedules and fan favorites at the NBC site

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Alyssa said...

I have to promise myself that I'll watch Rear Window before I see Disturbia. (I'm always so bad at that, though.) The O.C. parody was hilarious!