Thursday, April 12, 2007

CBS bows to pressure and fires Imus

CBS has decided to end its business dealings with Don Imus and Les Moonves released a statement discussing the situation and their side of it. The statement can be read at the link below.
Don Imus gets canned...

Personally, I think what he said was atrocious but I do not believe he should have been vilified in this manner. People make mistakes and apologies are usually accepted. I find it interesting since this was a white/black issue it was taken so seriously but Isaiah Washington still has job after his debacle.

I think the bigger issue here wasn't about race, but about demeaning women - especially athletes. I think making a scene out of this on both sides was a mistake and we could have taken this and learned from it. Instead, there is just another divide between actual discussion about our differences in America.

Let me know what you think.