Monday, April 16, 2007

TV Land Awards...and commence the yawning.

So the TV Land awards were handed out during a pre-taped event and it wasn't the winners that shocked everyone.

Ann Coulter could be one of my least favorite human beings to ever walk the earth. No not could be - is. And she has all but disappeared after sticking her foot in her mouth and stating dispariging remarks towards Presidential hopeful John Edwards. Apparently she was just holing away until the event of the year - which is pretaped and most famous presenters are Kelly Ripa and Valerie Bertinelli. And Ann really wanted to sell the point home that she isnt racist or lonely - so she decided to attend the awards with Good Times" star Jimmie "JJ" Walker. Is this seriously true??

yea you heard me right...I won't post the picture because I don't want to damage my readers sensibilities, but yuck. What won't this woman do for publcity???