Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lets get it started

First, lets watch Stephen Colbert putting our country in its place and mocking the reasoning behind the Iraq War and its handling. This is funny and sad at the same time.

Check out this funny funny "outtake" from the upcoming release of "Knocked Up" directed by Judd Apatow. Michael Cera - from "Arrested Development" fame plays the jerkwad supreme quite well in this clip.

Michael Cera gets fired from Knocked Up

Doc Jensen dishes on about the Lost finale and gives us some insight into the way the show has already unfolded and what we might see in the future. Here is Jack and that dang piece of paper that made him almost jump off a bridge. All this talk about Lost is making me upset that I have to wait until February for the next season, but it does give me some time to read up on metaphysics and dimensions.

Britney Spears sees Lohan's DUI this weekend as taking away attention from her so she babbled about being down and out on her blog. Apparently, Spears had an childhood filled with fears and can't find real friends. Where's that little violin?

Apparently, these parents weren't aware of such things like babysitters This British couple were dumb enough to leave 3 kids, all under the age of 5, in a hotel room by themselves while they went out for a bite to eat somewhere near their Portugal resort. Today they managed to meet with the Pope to pray for their child. Unfortunately these people were too stupid to understand that foreign countries are not great places to just leave your kids places. I am really sorry for this poor little girl and really hope that she is safe and sound and found soon, but I can't stop thinking about how idiotic these two people are.

And the beginning of crummy tv begins...YEAH SUMMER!

As much as I love summer, I really hate the fact that summer tends to bring the worst in programming to the little screen. What is awesome is all of the cooking/kitchen shows coming up and the return of "My Life on the D-List" with Kathy Griffin. So let's get to it and spiel some info....

Cindy Sheehan leaves the protest to others.....

I respect this woman a great deal and completely understand where she is coming from - in regards to stepping down. This woman lost a son in this ridiculous war and all she tried to do was bring America's attention to it. Instead of helping Americans, she was attacked from both sides and not treated like the patriot she truly is. Unfortunately, the Democrats are about as tough as Hilary Duff and I have come to the grips that testicles are not running wild through that party. I do wish though that Ms. Sheehan had received more respect for her convictions and her many attempts to inform America.

Al Gore thinks the media stinks and I can't help agreeing with him. The same day this article was on the internet pictures of Lindsay Lohan passed out in her car on the cover of 2 of New York's major dailies. What the heck is going on? There is definitely a place for Lohan coverage - such as this blog, US Weekly, EXTRA!, etc...but it should not take the place of actual news.

And you thought the Real World was bad... I can't believe some other country had this idea before us, but in the Netherlands a new reality show will cover a 37 year old woman who is terminally ill and 12 prospects for her kidney once she passes away. Yeah, you read right!

Surprise surprise, News Corp has their hand in the election..again For all of you who doubted that News Corp and Ruppert Murdoch doing some dirty shit with Myspace, well I think you will proven wrong. Apparently they might be able to view the donations to all the politicians that have Myspace pages and will probably compile more info on each and every one of us. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And the wrap it up, I just am hoping that Lindsay Lohan uses the next 30 days to figure out who and what true friends are. It is incredibly easy to want t party all the time, especially when you are searching for acceptance. I just hope that she can get better and understand the word moderation. I could make a lot of funny comments here and said - surprise, surprise, but I think a situation this bad needs some kind of apathy. Sure this girl has received quite a gift, but she has worked her ass for it and had both her parents basically pimp her out for money and press time. Everytime I talk about Lohan I think of Tatum ONeal. I hope that Ms. Lohan can understand that because her parents suck and her friends have used her for money and drugs, there are still great people out there and fans of hers who know she can come back from this. It might sound lame, but I would prefer Lohan stuck on a CW primetime soap opera then dead.

Pics courtesy of X17 online

Lohan's offical statement, courtesy of TMZ

Monday, May 28, 2007

RIP Charles Nelson Reilly

Charles Nelson Reilly, Tony award winner and panelist for Match Game, passed away from pneumonia on Friday, May 25th. The actor and comedian was 76 years old. The always charming and hysterical actor who found his way onto Broadway in the early 60s and became a household name with his appearances on the Johnny Carson show and Match Game.

Reilly was amazing and was never afraid of mocking a necessary foe - such as Scientology or other panelists on Match Game! He will be sorely missed by this girl and many many others. Check these articles for more information on this TV pioneer:
USA Today's coverage of Reilly's life and death
Charles Nelson Reilly dies at age 76

Friday, May 25, 2007

Anthony Kiedis with child...well his girlfriend is...

Anthony Kiedis and his girlfriend of two years, Heather Christie are expecting their first child. The 20 year old model/photographer is about 4 months pregnant. The cute couple can be seen here enjoying some time in the sun with friends.

Congrats to both of them. I am really excited for him, as a Pepper fan, but I think he has definitely been waiting to start a family and he finally found the right person for it. Lord knows he has had his fun with 20 year old models. Whats funny is in his article in BLENDER article he discussed in depth his love for Heather and his genuine readiness to start a family. Heck, he might have even known they were with child at that point, but if he is a follower of Kabbalah, the Jewish faith make it a policy not to disclose any pregnancy until the second trimester...


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost and other goodies....

So Lost wrapped up another banner season, even if it hit some rough patches last night and I have to say BRAVO! The two hour finale opened up more storylines -Do they actually get off of this island? Is Jack in love with Kate or Juliet? Why is Ben lying to the Others? Who is this Naomi chick if she isn't get paid by Penelope? And are VWs really that awesome?

I can't believe that the Others lost it last night. My feeling is Ben is just keeping the Survivors on the island to build up his troop and to make sure no on outside of the island finds out about what they are doing there. Jack is triumphant for a bit, but it seems that once they leave the island (when or where, we did not find out..) he has a very major breakdown. Lets not forget though this man never really got to mourn the death of his marriage or his dad - if his dad is actually dead? Charlie's death was very sad because he was so freaking rad in last night's episode. But he had to die in order for Claire to be rescued or at least get on a helicopter. The flash forwards that showed Jack in full out breakdown form and a really good looking Kate featured a news article about a death that made Jack so upset he almost jumped off a bridge and led him to a veryempty funeral.
Who know's whose it was, but here is a screen capture of the article:
The name is J_____ Lantham. Is this Sawyer's real name? Jacobs? Hopefully we will find out next year. I have been talking about this show so much all day I ma pretty much talked out about it. But I have to say that this season picked itself out of the dirt and really reminded why I fell so hard for this program in the beginning.

So on that note, lets recap some of the juicy bits: Ben was brought down a level - Locke survived a gunshot and saw Walt - Kate found out Jack loved her- Jack beat up Ben - The Losties beat down the Others - Hurley did something heroic - So did Charlie, which caused him his life - We found Desmond's Penelope - Naomi is not good - Juliet is a true Lostie now - Michelle finally connected with her daughter Alex and WE KNOW THAT THEY GET OFF THE some point..

Here is some more coverage for you folks:
entertainment weekly's last Lost coverage of the year
Some more discussion on Lost\'s season three finale
TMZ discusses the death of Charlie and the sadness of Jack...

Courtney Love objects to THIS usage of her dead husband's image...
And apparently, so is Dr. Martens... Apparenlty no one approved this picture. And can understand why...jeez let the poor man rest. And really, wouldn't this ad have served the company better say 12 years ago when alternative kids liked Nirvana and these boots??

This is just another example how Gawker, moreover their comments board, is some of the funniest stuff on the internet. The discussion that goes on about this idiotic woman - deemed the worst human being yesterday is ridiculously hilarious.

News updates

Okay okay, let’s discuss some news before we jump into the Lost finale…

Robert Rodriguez set to remake "Barbarella"
Banksy revealed...This was released a bit ago, so you all might have come across this, but I figured I would post it for good measure…
Cajun Boy had an interesting story up...not so much anymore This guy is awesome and I want to thank Trent from Pink is the New Blog for introducing me to this awesome blog. But Cajun was recounting numerous Lindsay Lohan drunk and drugged up stories earlier in this post – most specifically snorting coke in her underwear in various posh hotels in nyc and having threesomes with people who are either her mother or look a hell of a lot like her mom. He has since removed it due to a request from the friend who gave him the info…But don’t read this link if you are a Sopranos fan – big spoiler alert…
Route 66 in grave trouble For a country who is always yammering on about pride, one of our most iconic

And thanks to my friend Sal, I was fortunate enough to watch this little bit of “journalism”. This is clips of an “investigative story” into emo culture by some ABC station and its ridiculous. I just can’t believe that in America in the year 2007, we are still searching some form of rock music to explain why kids have issues while being a teenager. But I have to say that any story that looks at Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance as scary, well obviously you are way out of touch. This is American Idol pop, not a terrifying subculture. At least when the media and out of touch parents were complaining about a similar issue when I was younger, it was about Marilyn Manson and Slayer – all of which were smart and ballsy. So I am assuming since emo has risen to news coverage fame, there should be a new wave of music right around the corner.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I cant believe that dude taylor hicks won american idol tonight

Ok I will admit it, I tuned to American Idol tonight. And first, I can not believe that Green Day performed tonight on this crappy show. I can't belive 70 million people vote for this show. I can't believe that creepazoid Taylor Hawks won last year. He can't sing, can't dance, makes disgusting faces and creeps the shit out of me. He is the kind of guy who is in one of your classes and develops a weird crush on you. Asking you to study or hang out after class, telling other people you are friends and then showing up to parties and telling people you invited him. Ick!

Anyways, that Jordin chick won.

And as always, Kelly Clarkson brought it and left everyone in the dust. Can't she just be the only American Idol and the rest can be runner ups?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

jerry falwell has passed away...

and this is what had to say about it. Jerry Falwell, the man who created the Moral Majority and brought the right wing and Christians together as a powerhouse in US government. And of course, how can one forget, the anti-pornography movement. hatred towards the gay population of the US and the attacks on Tammy Faye Baker...

Here are some more stories about the glutonous reverand:
-'s coverage
-'s coverage
-'s coverage

gossip for you my lovelies...

Mary Kate is reported to be skinny...
To be honest, I always thought that this was blown way out of proportion –Mary Kate and her shrinking waist line. But I have to say after seeing this girl in public, I am terrified for her.

While strolling through Soho last Friday, I turned the corner with my boyfriend and came upon this ghastly site trying to cross the street. Mary Kate was walking around with some guy who like his only purpose was to make sure she kept on picking up her feet and walking as opposed to falling face first, which is what she looked like she could have done in any moment. Skinny and cracked out don’t even begin to explain this girls appearance. Ms. Olsen needs to be put back in treatment and soon, or there might not be much of her left to guard.

In other skinny news, shockingly, celebrities are given free things in a swag suite What is going on? Is this the point of being a celebrity? Why are we shocked that a girl from Long Island would jump at the chance for some free stuff? Well at least Lohan is winning with some people nowadays? And those people are men who read Maxim. The 20 year old starlet just found herself at the top of the Maxim Hot 100 list Maxim Hot 100 list . Other obvious choices were Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria and Angelina Jolie, who found themselves in the top 20.

Here is a fun littler interview with Paul Soter from Broken Lizard and Beerfest fame

Apparently, Dennise Richards didn’t want the tabloids to have a field day with this information so she waited 2 months to tell the public that her and Richie Sambora are dunzo.

And the nominations for the Tony Awards were released this morning… CBS will carry the program on June 10th, 2007. Some of the nominees are: Spring Awakening, Grey Gardens, Curtains and the Coast of Utopia. My guess is Christine Ebersole and Live Schreiber will taking some awards home this year, as will Duncan Sheik with his part in Spring Awakening.

And finally, this guy, Robert Thompson, is totally rad and is quoted in all types of media because his large knowledge of our pop culture. The Syracuse University professor, gets interviewed by an AP reporter and discusses what its like to be the most respected man in a nearly impossible to respect arena.
" />

Daily Round up 4.15.07

Here we go -its about politics, Sopranos, god and TV today....

Entertainment Weekly's look at the death of Christopher As most of us can attest to, we all have been thinking we knew how the Sopranos would wrap up this year. I have to say the death of Christopher Moltisanti came to me as quite a shock. What seemed to be a weird dream sequence or where Christopher finally got rid of Tony Soprano, turned into the scene that clinched the fact that Tony has been and always will be a killer.

Every once in a while you start to think that he might have changed, that he loves his family, and he honestly means well, but so far this season we have just realized when it comes down to it – he will always be first on his list – which makes for a great mob boss. I am not sure if this guy is going anywhere. But Gawker, with their own brand of sense of humor, takes a look at possible endings – since the Christopher theory has been laid to rest. Gawkers final predictions - caution this shit is funny

Speaking of TV, the Upfronts are back....and it appears NBC knows what is there cash cow. and what isn’t. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has officially been cancelled, which means I am only going to get my fix of Bradley Whitford to his panel visits on Real Time with Bill Maher. This show started stinking along time ago, but I am not sure why it did. They were too scared to try and be ballsy, so they went romantic dramedy route. Booo!!!! But the one that really bugs me is, how is NBC in 4th place. Have we seen the other lineups? I know I watch a lot of TV, but what am I watching – since all these schedules seem like bore fest. How are these networks surviving on one or two shows which drive their tunage?

Kirk Cameron discusses the existence of god and other funny things...Apparently, Kirk Cameron is now an expert on god and science – or lack of. Check out the very long debate in pieces here:

More can be viewed on Youtube or

And lastly, here is an interesting bit regarding the campaign of 2008. The Associated Press gets personal with Democrats and Republicans... Hear what Joe Biden, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton think about certain personal issues.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


so lets check these goodies out in the meantime...

A snippet of Fire Walk with Me - by David Lynch - I am pretty sure this is where nightmares live..

John Frusciante's video for Going Inside - directed by Vincent Gallo

One of my favorite scenes in Valley Girl - HORRIBLE QUALITY

Crispin Glover's interview with Derrick Beckles from VICE magazine

El Topo trailer

Mars Volta performing with John Frusciante last year...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Meanwhile, you should do this...

Karim is a friend and would be a perfect person to join the "I Love New York 2" cast.....

So go on and vote...come on you know you want to...and this might give us some inside gossip


Hey guys. I've been staying around the 35 spot (3,600+ votes!) the past couple days. I stil need everyone to keep voting everyday and telling their friends so I can stay in the top 60.

Voting for round 2 ends May 18th so I need everyone to keep it up for 12 more days. Thanks again. Peace!

click the pic to vote:



the Spielster will be a busy bee from tonight to Sunday, May 13th with some Tribeca fun and work related events. So that means no posts for you until next week.

While I am gone, please feel free to visit these sites for the gossip and entertainment happenings while we are gone...


bricks and stones

pink is the new blog


Best Week Ever



Monday, May 7, 2007

News of the World has pics of Lohan snorting what?

Lindsay Lohan caught in the act.... Screen caps or pictures have surfaced and News of the World has published them, with a very interesting story. From the pictures below, you can see Lohan has been quite a busy girl.

Excerpts from the article - "She carries round a water bottle to try to fool everyone into thinking she is clean but she tips the water out and refills it with vodka and soda." But she was caught out by a secret film made as she snorted the Class A drug at the exclusive Teddy's nightclub in Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel.
The video shows her arriving at 11pm and skulking round the toilets before creeping inside a cubicle. Wedged inside the loo with two friends, Lohan pulls a small bag of white powder from her jeans pocket. She dips her finger in and shoves the substance up one friend's nose before snorting some up her own. And this was filmed just 20 days after she proudly emerged from therapy.

Lindsay, who starred with Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday, booked herself into the £20,000-a-month Wonderland treatment center in Los Angeles earlier this year saying she wanted to get off booze. She checked out after a month and was back doing drugs at a Hollywood party within a week. Her friend said: "That night I saw her do more than 20 big lines of cocaine. She was still up doing drugs at 11am even though she had started about 8pm the night before. "She wasn't even trying to hide it and was blatantly doing it off table tops, keys, books and in the wardrobe, where she was hunched over with her legs crossed almost bent in half doing it off some magazine on the floor.

"I remember looking at her and thinking how pathetic she looked and how out of control she had become.
"I have lost count of the number of times I have watched as she stripped naked in front of everyone

But Lindsay is not only addicted to booze and drugs, she is also hooked on sex with some of Hollywood's hottest men, says our insider. "She has told me that she has slept with James Blunt, Jude Law, Calum Best, Joaquin Phoenix, Benicio Del Toro, Jared Leto and James Franco," admitted the friend.

"Lindsay told me she has messed around with Leonardo DiCaprio a while ago too but claimed that she didn't sleep with him.
"She also flew to New York about two months ago to go to bed with Jude Law.

Lindsay was living it up with old pal Paris Hilton at the Coachella music festival in Palm Springs last week and almost falling out of her dingy grey bra top. In public Lindsay insists she is sober but, as our video stills show, she is still a hopeless addict and her friend claims the stint in therapy was just a stunt. She said: "Going to rehab was all for publicity. She wanted people to see her seeking help but it hasn't got her off the drugs at all.

"In an average night Lindsay will do two and half grams of coke on her own. "She doesn't buy it—she is given it by friends and acquaintances, and it turns her into an angry monster. I have watched many a time Lindsay treating her staff like cr*p."


I am very bummed that I have to cover this story, but at this point its ridiculous. At one point is someone going to realize - they aren't out to get you - you are actually hanging your own noose. Personally, I can't believe this girl is still hanging with these kind of people. granted, she seems to have quite a big problem with cocaine and alcohol. I think the bigger issue here is it seems that she can't get rid of losers who just hang around her and tape shit she does just to sell it. Lohan comes from my home town and there is a laundry list of stories like this that have circled through the gossip mill in Merrick, NY for years. It has been said that she will snort drugs by herself all night, unless someone comes and does it with her. And this is the point - Her mom sucks as a parent and a human being, her dad - lets not go there, she has people who are using her for her money and stardom all around her and she can't seem to get rid of any of them. I am personally putting myself out there - I want to help you. I think all you really need is a good head - oh hell someone who just makes sure you stay alive and away from these blood suckers. Paris Hilton is wealthy and famous - Lohan is rich and famous. These are two different things because this story can go two different ways - she can pull through and become Demi Moore or she might as well hang up her acting gloves right now and move back to Long Island. I am serious Lohan, you need to get rid of all these "friends" - even the ones you have known for years. These people dont give a shit about you and your issues. And unless you get rid of these people, there won't be much left to party with.

Daily Round Up - 05.07.07

LOST figures out it can start answering some of our questions....
Lost" executive producer Damon Lindelof has confirmed that the last season for the sci-fi drama will be the 2009 - 2010 television season. ABC and producers have released the exact time that series will be coming to an end to help its viewers begin to understand the program is definitely on a path and they are promising answers at the end of this path. With only 3 episodes within this season, we will have 3 more years after that to watch the show develop. So this can also give an answer to a lot of the naysayers out there and we all must realize - will not know everything until probably 2009, unless they are planning on developing new twists an characters - which they definitely have the time for I am just excited that this show is really good again and delivering new information each week.

Speaking of getting better, hopefully Ellen Barkin is on the way to picking up her head from her bad marriage to Ronald Perelman. The always amazing looking 50 something actress discusses Ellen Barkin spills the beans about Perelman to PARADE magazine this week. She discusses how the marriage made her start to become a weaker woman and the damaging effect Ronald's demand became on her psyche and career. Barkin also defended her auctioning off of jewels tat Perelman gave her during the marriage and explained she didn't want to look down at her hand and see that kind of baggage. (Photos courtesy of PARADE magazine) I personally admire this woman for being a strong and absolutely drop dead gorgeous woman who knew when to cut her losses.

And if it was possible, Pete Doherty was arrested again on drug possession. Here's a clue, if youa re going to be a junkie - stay inside your own house, keep the music down and stop being stupid and quit being a junkie.

Check out this site for all the events at McCarren Park Pool June 16th and 17th has the renegade craft fair - which I will participating in with my accessory line with Myles Karr. Oh and Sonic Youth is playing their album Daydream Nation in its entirety there on July 28th.

Lauren Graham of the Gilmore Girls discuses with TV Guide how it feels to get kicked off the CW network I imagine it sucks bad. But of course her and her costar Alexia Blidel wanted to leave. Well of course they did....

And check out You Tube for Henry Rollins' interview with Marilyn Manson, courtesy to IFC. There are two parts - here is the first....

here is the second...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

friday was even better

The past few weeks have been about exciting as the first of the Republican Presidential candidate debate series. It seems that even with Coachella and Tribeca Film Festival - everyone has been on their best behaviors - well other then Ms. Lohan. But apparently the LA judicial system wanted to see an end to this boredom and has sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail for driving with a suspended license. I am not sure why this strict of a punishment was used, but the LA system every once in a while likes to make a point out of celebrities. And would be a better candidate to prove that the rich don't always get their way then Paris Hilton?

Now I am sure she will not be actually stuck in jail for 45 days - maybe a week in the cushiest jail possible....but regardless, it is pretty funny to see someone who has been able to do whatever she wants with no true repercussions has to for the first time has to the pay the price for her actions. Want live video, pics and more info? Check out TMZ's coverage

Friday, May 4, 2007

thursday wasn't so bad...

"TIME" Magazine has released its The 100 Most Influential People issue, on stands tomorrow, but you can view the list here atTIME's most influential people Al Gore, Elizabeth Edwards, Leonardo DiCaprio (just as hot in person), Rick Rubin, Steve Jobs and more of that elk who received top positions and remain powerful and interesting people to others. I have to agree with most of the list - except fo Tyra Banks, come on? - but I was quite upset at the end of the 100 blurbs written by influential, but not enough friends to the top 100. And it wasn't cause of who was on it, but I was mad at myself for barely knwoing anyone in scientist and thinkers part. I realized that I know WAY TOO MUCH about Hillary Duff's romantic life as opposed to scientific studies at work to save my life. But I digress, I have to agree with many of the nominees, again other then Tyra Banks and John Mayer. Here are some of my personal faves (pictures all courtesy of

Leonardo DiCaprio

Elizabeth Edwards

Brian Grazer

Martin Scorcese

By the way, I have personally watched two films with two of the above influencers. If you can guess who ( or just know) you can win some great So little lions stuff. But lets get to the rest of the days goodies...

Apparently, Gilmore Girls Go Bye Bye....and soon... The changeover to the CW network for many of the UPN and WB programs that were saved has not treated them well. Rumors hit early on in the season that Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars will not be staying, and today the ealrier was confirmed. This is the last season for the girls and the final episode will air on May 15th. This is what happens when a tv sitcom has this kind of dialog. Haven't we learned anything from Dawson's Creek and other then that whole not marry creeps in cults thing?

Everyday I scan the blogs and websites of the snarky and gossip mainstays of pagesix, tmz, and gawker and do this all day long....Today Gawker proved a few things to me. ONE, I heart gawker, TWO, NY can be a very scary place sometimes, THRE, the world is full of narcissists who dumb obsessed with celebrity and FOUR, education is expensive. Gawker showcases the plight of the struggling mom....Apparently, there is a mom to a 7th grader who works in a celebrity oozing nail salon here in our fine city. She gives manicures to stars and saves their nails. Her son sucks in math and needs a tutor. She is hoping that somewhere in the confines of this Manhattan jungle creeapzoid is really good at fractions and tangents and wants to have the dirt from under Scarlett Johansson's nails. Ahhh.....NY

And in the same regards, Yahoo covered one of the most ridiculous stories I have ever heard. I know that America is sue happy but this is ridiculous. Some toolburger is suing his nice dry cleaner for losing his pants. In fact, he is suing them fo $65 million dollars? Dems some fancy pants mista... I wish there was a cancer fairy...

And Leo is making news for this upcoming gigs, while his good friend Toby Maguire is king ass as Spiderman 3 breaks records in Europe and I am sure it will clean up this weekend here. I can't wait to see this film. I absolutely love this series. Peter Parker is really a hero anyone can get behind and support. Read more about the Hollywood buzz here at Variety\'s 5.3.07 Dailies Digest

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

And another one bites the dust....

Reality Show Round up.....

- American Idol gest rid of the incredibly untalented and non Justin Timberlak look alike Chris Robinson and Phil Stacey - the
Lord of the Rings lookalike
- America's Next Top Model booted off Brittany because she can't walk in heel and no one likes her....and shes a crybaby
- Toastee go bye bye on Charm School after she falls asleep on the desigining haute couture challenge. Yeah you heard me the
Flavor girls were their fash - on....
- Screech is a tool burger...and Dustin Diamond doesn't care who knows it....
- I Love New York is getting ready for round two....Go here for your chance to be a contender
- "Workout" gets all serious....Doug, a fellow trainer, passes away about a month after his 43rd birthday.....

So the rumors have been true.....

So for months and months the rumor was that BLUR, one of the best bands in the past 20 years (at least in my book), were going to come back together for another album and possible tour. Graham Coxon said over and over that this was not true and this his issues with Damon had not disappeared and he was centered on his own solo stuff. And then Damon Albarn came out with " The Good, the Bad and the Queen" and everyone believed the rumors were unfounded.

But apparently these boys are meeting in the studio this summer to reunite BLUR!!!! Yeah you heard it....Bassist Alex James has reported that full group will be meeting each other this summer and seeing what they can pump out. If there is something there, they will put out an ablum and tour for it....Read more of SPIN's coverage here. I guess we can also assume "Gorillaz" is dead and buried then..