Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Daily Round up 4.15.07

Here we go -its about politics, Sopranos, god and TV today....

Entertainment Weekly's look at the death of Christopher As most of us can attest to, we all have been thinking we knew how the Sopranos would wrap up this year. I have to say the death of Christopher Moltisanti came to me as quite a shock. What seemed to be a weird dream sequence or where Christopher finally got rid of Tony Soprano, turned into the scene that clinched the fact that Tony has been and always will be a killer.

Every once in a while you start to think that he might have changed, that he loves his family, and he honestly means well, but so far this season we have just realized when it comes down to it – he will always be first on his list – which makes for a great mob boss. I am not sure if this guy is going anywhere. But Gawker, with their own brand of sense of humor, takes a look at possible endings – since the Christopher theory has been laid to rest. Gawkers final predictions - caution this shit is funny

Speaking of TV, the Upfronts are back....and it appears NBC knows what is there cash cow. and what isn’t. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has officially been cancelled, which means I am only going to get my fix of Bradley Whitford to his panel visits on Real Time with Bill Maher. This show started stinking along time ago, but I am not sure why it did. They were too scared to try and be ballsy, so they went romantic dramedy route. Booo!!!! But the one that really bugs me is, how is NBC in 4th place. Have we seen the other lineups? I know I watch a lot of TV, but what am I watching – since all these schedules seem like bore fest. How are these networks surviving on one or two shows which drive their tunage?

Kirk Cameron discusses the existence of god and other funny things...Apparently, Kirk Cameron is now an expert on god and science – or lack of. Check out the very long debate in pieces here:

More can be viewed on Youtube or Abc.com.

And lastly, here is an interesting bit regarding the campaign of 2008. The Associated Press gets personal with Democrats and Republicans... Hear what Joe Biden, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton think about certain personal issues.