Tuesday, May 15, 2007

gossip for you my lovelies...

Mary Kate is reported to be skinny...
To be honest, I always thought that this was blown way out of proportion –Mary Kate and her shrinking waist line. But I have to say after seeing this girl in public, I am terrified for her.

While strolling through Soho last Friday, I turned the corner with my boyfriend and came upon this ghastly site trying to cross the street. Mary Kate was walking around with some guy who like his only purpose was to make sure she kept on picking up her feet and walking as opposed to falling face first, which is what she looked like she could have done in any moment. Skinny and cracked out don’t even begin to explain this girls appearance. Ms. Olsen needs to be put back in treatment and soon, or there might not be much of her left to guard.

In other skinny news, shockingly, celebrities are given free things in a swag suite What is going on? Is this the point of being a celebrity? Why are we shocked that a girl from Long Island would jump at the chance for some free stuff? Well at least Lohan is winning with some people nowadays? And those people are men who read Maxim. The 20 year old starlet just found herself at the top of the Maxim Hot 100 list Maxim Hot 100 list . Other obvious choices were Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria and Angelina Jolie, who found themselves in the top 20.

Here is a fun littler interview with Paul Soter from Broken Lizard and Beerfest fame

Apparently, Dennise Richards didn’t want the tabloids to have a field day with this information so she waited 2 months to tell the public that her and Richie Sambora are dunzo.

And the nominations for the Tony Awards were released this morning… CBS will carry the program on June 10th, 2007. Some of the nominees are: Spring Awakening, Grey Gardens, Curtains and the Coast of Utopia. My guess is Christine Ebersole and Live Schreiber will taking some awards home this year, as will Duncan Sheik with his part in Spring Awakening.

And finally, this guy, Robert Thompson, is totally rad and is quoted in all types of media because his large knowledge of our pop culture. The Syracuse University professor, gets interviewed by an AP reporter and discusses what its like to be the most respected man in a nearly impossible to respect arena.
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