Friday, May 4, 2007

thursday wasn't so bad...

"TIME" Magazine has released its The 100 Most Influential People issue, on stands tomorrow, but you can view the list here atTIME's most influential people Al Gore, Elizabeth Edwards, Leonardo DiCaprio (just as hot in person), Rick Rubin, Steve Jobs and more of that elk who received top positions and remain powerful and interesting people to others. I have to agree with most of the list - except fo Tyra Banks, come on? - but I was quite upset at the end of the 100 blurbs written by influential, but not enough friends to the top 100. And it wasn't cause of who was on it, but I was mad at myself for barely knwoing anyone in scientist and thinkers part. I realized that I know WAY TOO MUCH about Hillary Duff's romantic life as opposed to scientific studies at work to save my life. But I digress, I have to agree with many of the nominees, again other then Tyra Banks and John Mayer. Here are some of my personal faves (pictures all courtesy of

Leonardo DiCaprio

Elizabeth Edwards

Brian Grazer

Martin Scorcese

By the way, I have personally watched two films with two of the above influencers. If you can guess who ( or just know) you can win some great So little lions stuff. But lets get to the rest of the days goodies...

Apparently, Gilmore Girls Go Bye Bye....and soon... The changeover to the CW network for many of the UPN and WB programs that were saved has not treated them well. Rumors hit early on in the season that Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars will not be staying, and today the ealrier was confirmed. This is the last season for the girls and the final episode will air on May 15th. This is what happens when a tv sitcom has this kind of dialog. Haven't we learned anything from Dawson's Creek and other then that whole not marry creeps in cults thing?

Everyday I scan the blogs and websites of the snarky and gossip mainstays of pagesix, tmz, and gawker and do this all day long....Today Gawker proved a few things to me. ONE, I heart gawker, TWO, NY can be a very scary place sometimes, THRE, the world is full of narcissists who dumb obsessed with celebrity and FOUR, education is expensive. Gawker showcases the plight of the struggling mom....Apparently, there is a mom to a 7th grader who works in a celebrity oozing nail salon here in our fine city. She gives manicures to stars and saves their nails. Her son sucks in math and needs a tutor. She is hoping that somewhere in the confines of this Manhattan jungle creeapzoid is really good at fractions and tangents and wants to have the dirt from under Scarlett Johansson's nails. Ahhh.....NY

And in the same regards, Yahoo covered one of the most ridiculous stories I have ever heard. I know that America is sue happy but this is ridiculous. Some toolburger is suing his nice dry cleaner for losing his pants. In fact, he is suing them fo $65 million dollars? Dems some fancy pants mista... I wish there was a cancer fairy...

And Leo is making news for this upcoming gigs, while his good friend Toby Maguire is king ass as Spiderman 3 breaks records in Europe and I am sure it will clean up this weekend here. I can't wait to see this film. I absolutely love this series. Peter Parker is really a hero anyone can get behind and support. Read more about the Hollywood buzz here at Variety\'s 5.3.07 Dailies Digest