Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I cant believe that dude taylor hicks won american idol tonight

Ok I will admit it, I tuned to American Idol tonight. And first, I can not believe that Green Day performed tonight on this crappy show. I can't belive 70 million people vote for this show. I can't believe that creepazoid Taylor Hawks won last year. He can't sing, can't dance, makes disgusting faces and creeps the shit out of me. He is the kind of guy who is in one of your classes and develops a weird crush on you. Asking you to study or hang out after class, telling other people you are friends and then showing up to parties and telling people you invited him. Ick!

Anyways, that Jordin chick won.

And as always, Kelly Clarkson brought it and left everyone in the dust. Can't she just be the only American Idol and the rest can be runner ups?