Wednesday, May 2, 2007

So the rumors have been true.....

So for months and months the rumor was that BLUR, one of the best bands in the past 20 years (at least in my book), were going to come back together for another album and possible tour. Graham Coxon said over and over that this was not true and this his issues with Damon had not disappeared and he was centered on his own solo stuff. And then Damon Albarn came out with " The Good, the Bad and the Queen" and everyone believed the rumors were unfounded.

But apparently these boys are meeting in the studio this summer to reunite BLUR!!!! Yeah you heard it....Bassist Alex James has reported that full group will be meeting each other this summer and seeing what they can pump out. If there is something there, they will put out an ablum and tour for it....Read more of SPIN's coverage here. I guess we can also assume "Gorillaz" is dead and buried then..