Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost and other goodies....

So Lost wrapped up another banner season, even if it hit some rough patches last night and I have to say BRAVO! The two hour finale opened up more storylines -Do they actually get off of this island? Is Jack in love with Kate or Juliet? Why is Ben lying to the Others? Who is this Naomi chick if she isn't get paid by Penelope? And are VWs really that awesome?

I can't believe that the Others lost it last night. My feeling is Ben is just keeping the Survivors on the island to build up his troop and to make sure no on outside of the island finds out about what they are doing there. Jack is triumphant for a bit, but it seems that once they leave the island (when or where, we did not find out..) he has a very major breakdown. Lets not forget though this man never really got to mourn the death of his marriage or his dad - if his dad is actually dead? Charlie's death was very sad because he was so freaking rad in last night's episode. But he had to die in order for Claire to be rescued or at least get on a helicopter. The flash forwards that showed Jack in full out breakdown form and a really good looking Kate featured a news article about a death that made Jack so upset he almost jumped off a bridge and led him to a veryempty funeral.
Who know's whose it was, but here is a screen capture of the article:
The name is J_____ Lantham. Is this Sawyer's real name? Jacobs? Hopefully we will find out next year. I have been talking about this show so much all day I ma pretty much talked out about it. But I have to say that this season picked itself out of the dirt and really reminded why I fell so hard for this program in the beginning.

So on that note, lets recap some of the juicy bits: Ben was brought down a level - Locke survived a gunshot and saw Walt - Kate found out Jack loved her- Jack beat up Ben - The Losties beat down the Others - Hurley did something heroic - So did Charlie, which caused him his life - We found Desmond's Penelope - Naomi is not good - Juliet is a true Lostie now - Michelle finally connected with her daughter Alex and WE KNOW THAT THEY GET OFF THE some point..

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Courtney Love objects to THIS usage of her dead husband's image...
And apparently, so is Dr. Martens... Apparenlty no one approved this picture. And can understand why...jeez let the poor man rest. And really, wouldn't this ad have served the company better say 12 years ago when alternative kids liked Nirvana and these boots??

This is just another example how Gawker, moreover their comments board, is some of the funniest stuff on the internet. The discussion that goes on about this idiotic woman - deemed the worst human being yesterday is ridiculously hilarious.