Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And the beginning of crummy tv begins...YEAH SUMMER!

As much as I love summer, I really hate the fact that summer tends to bring the worst in programming to the little screen. What is awesome is all of the cooking/kitchen shows coming up and the return of "My Life on the D-List" with Kathy Griffin. So let's get to it and spiel some info....

Cindy Sheehan leaves the protest to others.....

I respect this woman a great deal and completely understand where she is coming from - in regards to stepping down. This woman lost a son in this ridiculous war and all she tried to do was bring America's attention to it. Instead of helping Americans, she was attacked from both sides and not treated like the patriot she truly is. Unfortunately, the Democrats are about as tough as Hilary Duff and I have come to the grips that testicles are not running wild through that party. I do wish though that Ms. Sheehan had received more respect for her convictions and her many attempts to inform America.

Al Gore thinks the media stinks and I can't help agreeing with him. The same day this article was on the internet pictures of Lindsay Lohan passed out in her car on the cover of 2 of New York's major dailies. What the heck is going on? There is definitely a place for Lohan coverage - such as this blog, US Weekly, EXTRA!, etc...but it should not take the place of actual news.

And you thought the Real World was bad... I can't believe some other country had this idea before us, but in the Netherlands a new reality show will cover a 37 year old woman who is terminally ill and 12 prospects for her kidney once she passes away. Yeah, you read right!

Surprise surprise, News Corp has their hand in the election..again For all of you who doubted that News Corp and Ruppert Murdoch doing some dirty shit with Myspace, well I think you will proven wrong. Apparently they might be able to view the donations to all the politicians that have Myspace pages and will probably compile more info on each and every one of us. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And the wrap it up, I just am hoping that Lindsay Lohan uses the next 30 days to figure out who and what true friends are. It is incredibly easy to want t party all the time, especially when you are searching for acceptance. I just hope that she can get better and understand the word moderation. I could make a lot of funny comments here and said - surprise, surprise, but I think a situation this bad needs some kind of apathy. Sure this girl has received quite a gift, but she has worked her ass for it and had both her parents basically pimp her out for money and press time. Everytime I talk about Lohan I think of Tatum ONeal. I hope that Ms. Lohan can understand that because her parents suck and her friends have used her for money and drugs, there are still great people out there and fans of hers who know she can come back from this. It might sound lame, but I would prefer Lohan stuck on a CW primetime soap opera then dead.

Pics courtesy of X17 online

Lohan's offical statement, courtesy of TMZ