Monday, April 2, 2007

Someone is attempting to remake a classic...

Raven Simone and Miley Cyrus reportedly set to star in Remake of "Adventures in Babysitting"

Ok come on.  As much as I love this movie and the nostalgia it brings back, I can’t really understand why they are remaking it.  The basic plot points in the film were suburban kids terrified of a night in the big city.  Is it me or does the younger generation give an appearance of being comfortable with the big city?

And I’m pretty sure that opposed to going into a blues club, the girls will somehow get stuck in a hard rock club or a rap show.  Oh and will the little girl be obsessed with Thor or some other cartoon character??  How about the Playboy references?  Are we expected to believe that either Raven Simone has an identical look alike that would be in Playboy????  I see the remake becoming a tepid and lame version that Disney will capitalize on.  Gosh, can’t these screenwriters come up with anything original????