Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Celebrity(reality) Couples News...

There was some heartbreaking news today. Larry and Laurie David are officially getting a divorce. The comedian and activist, who were practically my favorite couple in the state of California, are splitting after 14 years. Apparently, no other parties were involved and the split is amicable. I wonder how this will all play out for the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Larry. We will find out late this year when the show returns to Sunday nights on HBO! You can check out People's coverage here:

People's coverage here

Imagine, one of the stars from "The Hills" is seeking publicity Heidi Montag, one the dumb idiots who received mild fame in 13 year old girl circles and just recently amped up her boobs was interested in reving up her bank account as well. Montag and her douchetard boyfriend, Spencer Pratt decided to pretend they were to be married and convinced US Weekly, you know the magazine that likes to talk about other mags fake stories, to cover it exclusively. Well these two nimrods were caught on tape agreeing to the fake by Celebrity Babylonand you can hear these idiots here

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson broke up, so did Jessica Simpson and John Mayer....Boring...