Friday, June 8, 2007

Okay enough already - quit talking about what "might" happen on the Sopranos

I am starting off this post with a plea to all media outlets. Shut your traps when it comes to the Sopranos. I have been an avid watcher since season 1 and have purposely avoided all contact with any spoiler sites or theory boards because this would ruin the mystery behind the last episode. I have decided not to figure out whats going to happen so I can actually enjoy the show. Now I find out and other major media outlets have leaks and sneak peeks everywhere. People its two friggin days to wait for the answer. Are we all this impatient? I mean isn't there a General stepping down from running a war in Iraq
or an heiress getting re-arrested to waste our Friday afternoon fleeting attention spans on???

And on to the news - sopranos leak-free...

About the Paris situation and the insane media coverage it is receiving, what the fuck is going on in this country? The girl was under house arrest and was forced back to court this morning with every paparazzi and media outlet covering the mess. I rarely take this chick's side but get a grip America. You built this monster. Learn it and love it.

This is hypocrisy at it's best. Everyone is all about hating this girl that shouldn't be known further then the 5 boroughs of NYC and the tri-state area that surrounds it because of her "coverage" in the Post's Page 6. So all of you idiots get off your high horses and remember when this chick was ass up getting it from behind with night vision viewing for all of us to see - we all ate it up. The American public made her a household name. So quit your whining, no one would be in the house if you hadn't built it. And the second thought in my Paris tirade, this chick drove on a suspended license. She didn't kill anyone (ie Brandy, Rebecca Gayheart, OJ Simpson style)...She didn't assault anyone, jeez she wasn't even drunk this time, so while people are having an aneurysm about justice, look at the three above names and think of what happened or will to these people. And look at what is going on our own highest court system in this country. I think it looks like Paris was just following the administration's good ideas. We all hate her cause she has what most don't in this country - enough money and time to do whatever the hell she wants.

Summer Fridays have apparently started cause my entertainment marketing office is almost void of any productive activity right now, which is why I can post on this before the end of the day. Hurrah!!! Unfortunately the news is pretty slow because of Ms. Hilton's demise.

But here are some points of interest for all of you:
- Find out how to Save Internet Radio here.... The government is raising rates on these groups to 1200% and if it passes it will be effective July 15th and retroactive back to January 2006. 70 million of us listen to Internet radio, so step up

-And another attack on Seth Rogen

First, gawker calls him a "schlub" and then this loser Ben tries to prove a non-existent point by shooting himself in the foot. Stop assaulting Seth Rogen with the term "Sclub" or I will hurt you.

-More justice -
Isiah Washington fired from Grey's Anatomy...

-Hugh Hefner thinks one of his girlfriends is dumb Guess what, so do I!

-Black Lips are heading out on a new tour this fall, and so are Animal Collective