Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That chick Julie is truly dazzling!

Not to take words out of Amy Winehouse's mouth, but I say NO NO NO! to this terrible remake trend going on in Hollywood. Specifically all the movies I hold dear and that helped shape me into the dysfunctional human I am today. First they flirted with a remake of Adventures in Babysitting, then came a possible butchering of Teen Witch, but this news is way too much for me to handle.

If you know anything about me, it should be my undying love for the film “Valley Girl”. I have been head over heels for the Romeo and Juliet-esque flick that celebrated mall culture and new wave for as long as I can remember. Deborah Foreman (where the hell is she?) plays the most perfect Valley Girl Julie Richman and her taboo love affair with “punker” Randy, played by the newly named Nicolas Cage, makes an ideal 80’s romantic comedy. The movie that follows Julie and Randy battling their friends who oppose their unconventional love affair has one of the best soundtracks from the 80’s and a very realness to it. The film deals with many teenage issues, such as sex, secret love affairs and acceptance from your peers. So the fact that MGM wants to “revisit” the movie, musical style, bothers me to no end. My fear is that one of the little snatches from poop vehicles like High School Musical will get their mitts on the Julie character and somehow Pete Wentz will score the film and I will have to stand on top of the Empire State Building and jump! Let’s look at the genius that is Valley Girl before Hollywood ruins something else for me!

Movie executives are also threatening to remake the classic Monster Squad. Stop the Madness Hollywood! I am sure as heck there are a few writers still out in Los Angeles not penning sitcoms or webisodes for NBC and would love a crack at writing an ORIGINAL screenplay.