Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What we have learned from 2007....

Apologies to my faithful readers, all 35 of you, for my lackluster posting recently. I have to be honest with you all and say I am about as BORED as possible with entertainment news nowadays, one might even say disenchanted. If I see another picture of Paris Hilton frolicking on a beach, Spears driving erratically, Lohan walking into a party and the countless other has beens and not so spectacular celebs we have all grown obsessed with this year, I might have to get sick again.

As I grow wiser and more tired of that god damn WGA strike, I find my tolerance for bullshit news about Heidi and Spencer, "I Love Crabs New York" ad any big ass daughter of murder defenders dying out. I, like most Americans, could give a crap about the Beckhams, that big boobed chick Jordan or any other nonsense that the UK is churning out on the pop charts. I prefer quality British musicians, like Morrissey, Dave Gahan, Oasis and Blur. If you want to talk about a well deserved reunion for the fans, it ain't the Spice Girls, it's Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon. I know I might sound mad, but damn it, I am! I have gone through quality television withdrawal so bad I am Tivoing JUDGE JUDY!!!!!! If there aren't new episodes of "30 Rock" and "The Office" soon, there is no telling what I am capable of. And I will be forced to break my MTV ban because Rob and Big is coming back in January and as much as I love quality reality, i.e. Bravo style, I am a big fan of nonsensical reality too. Don't worry though, I will not be recapping Rob & Big or the The Gauntlet, so take a breath.

After this angry rant about the sad and depressing state of entertainment coverage, I will begin my New Years resolutions. I began this blog to discuss my love for entertainment and pop culture. More specifically to chat about the stuff I love to death, things I am positive will become a part of your vocabulary within months and review movies and tv and music and all the fun stuff that goes along with that. I think that at some point I lost my footing and got focused on the daily posts of things of note, not quality stories. The need to post the newest and latest things almost becomes a competition, especially in today's media culture. I now know, not only could I not waste my time like Perez Hilton does, but I wouldn't want to. Nothing against the dude, but that's just not where my head is. So starting off in 2008, Spielster is going back to the original format. No bullshit about hoebags and shenanigans I really could care less about to drag readers over. Don't get me wrong, if Im into, IIm posting about it, but there will be no updates on the American travesty that is the Spears family cause if your that interested you might as well watch Jerry Springer.

To start off this trend, I will be rounding out this week with the continuation of the best of 2007 and it ain't a small list. So hopefully you all have enjoyed your holidays, have overcome that stomach virus that knocked me on my ass and ruined my birthday and started your own "2008 to do list". Tomorrow, we will be discussing the next big things that really made waves this year from comedic actresses who took to the screen in the lead for the first time to adorable local comedians who I will be saying "I knew him when". And if you haven't seen it yet and you like to laugh, check out " Walk Hard" the Dewey Cox story. The cameos alone are enough for the price of admission, but the Apatow crew brings home another hilarious comedy. They hold no punches when it comes to the legends of rock and manage to parody everyone from the Beatles to Johnny Cash to Brian Wilson. John C. Reilly is adorable as the troubled, yet successful Cox and brings a warmth to a very funny mockumentary. Its what Anchorman was to 2007. Enjoy!