Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I love playing catch up with pop culture and to be honest I have been bored silly with anything current. With the writer's strike still on, it seems that the only TV I am set to watch anymore is Nip/Tuck, Project Runway and Reaper when my DVR remembers to tape it. I am still attempting to fully update this site to make it user friendly, so you the wonderful readers will have some more new features coming soon. With the holidays upon us, I know my butt will not be posting daily, but I am going to be doing more reviews and fuller posts, as opposed to the usually Daily Rounds. If y'all aren't into it, fill me in.

But enough about me, let's get to it:

  • Nicole Richie and Joel Madden created a non-profit for needy moms in Los Angeles. The Richie-Madden Foundation threw a baby shower for 100 expectant mothers yesterday in Los Angeles, where the expecting couple gave away $200,000 worth of gifts. I have to say, I love him and her together. It seems she got her stuff together and being pregnant seems to really be agreeing with her. I wish the best for both of them and hope they stay far away from Hilton.

  • Dennis Quaid is suing the drug company that poisoned his twins. Baxter Healthcare, the company who made and labeled the drug Heparin. Last month, Quaid's twins were given 1,000 the dosage when in Cedars-Sinai. No word yet if the actor and his wife will be suing the hospital or the nurse for the incorrect dosage which could have killed their newborn twins.

  • Winehouse caught running around London in undies....at like 5 AM. But her rep assures the public she wasn't messed up on drugs, just that she had recently woke up and ran around the streets half naked. I mean that makes sense. Oh and she is hanging out with Pete Doherty again. And I am sure its a sober party with the two of them. Ugh.

  • Viacom is finding new ways to screw over their employees and freelancers all the while that they are churning out this crap. Is New York ever finding love? I can simply say no.

  • So I am finally forced to go to Bonaroo. Led Zeppelin is supposedly going to be headlining the annual outdoor festival in Tennessee next June. This would be the band's first US performance in almost 30 years. And it would also mean I would crawl to see them. I don't care if Zeppelin is in wheelchairs, if they are coming to the US - I AM THERE!

  • And finally "The View" goes too far. I actually ended up checking out Hot Topics today and was shocked with the ridiculous conversation about happiness and faith that occurred. Below you can watch the absurdity.

    First, if you call yourself a Christian, that hopefully means you have read a Bible, which would have clued you into the fact that yes, there were people before Christianity you moron. Second, faith does not forgive ignorance and when you do not have anything to discuss on a topic, throwing Jesus into the mix is just stupid pawn at looking like you know anything. And thirdly, why didn't any of the other three women on the panel said "No you are wrong!". I am bored to death with Sherri Shepard and her ignorance. It is not cool to be wrong all the time and obviously poorly educated and I would really appreciate someone discussing this at any point. Barbara Walters you should be ashamed of yourself!