Thursday, December 27, 2007

What I like about TV!!!!

So let's just say I am in a much better mood today then I was yesterday. Not sure if it was the realization that this holiday actually went off without a hitch or family breakdown, but I am very excited to get back to my little old posting duties and bring you what I consider the best stuff that happened this year on TV and unfortunately the worst 5 things on TV this year.

Before WGA strike of 2007, the fall season was pretty good. There were a lot of gems that occurred in early 2007 too, so let's get to the first half of the top 10 in TV this year. Not sure if they are in any particular order, but here we go.


As a fan of Lost, I was as mad as everyone else when the show seemed to lose its focus in the third season, which began in the fall of 2006. With the emergence of new characters and constant repetition of previously begun plots, most fans became fatigued at the possibility of figuring out all that the island had to offer. And just when it seemed that no end to the madness was in sight, they brought it back. What the writers on this show are always able to do is incredibly important to a program that needs continued suspense and that is create lulls. Without the lulls and quiet on the island, suspense can not be sustained. If every 45 minute of the episode was filled with huge twists and turns, what the hell can a viewer get from the program? As much as people complain, if they were not able to follow the path of questions to answers in the show, we would all have quit watching it a long time ago. LOST manages to create mystery within mystery and presenting the cast with a false sense of security, which is incredibly difficult to do with. While watching the Others battle the Others with the survivors, you were able to see that these people can survive living on this island. We were also presented with the fact that people have grown up here, so they aren't that deserted are they? The fall of "Ben", Locke's further disgrace and Jack's return to leader were all favorite parts. We were sad to see Charlie and Eko depart, but at least it did prove that not all can survive the darkness of the island, manmade and not. With the season finale showing us that some of our friends do get off that island, we know that this upcoming season can only present us with more answers to the important questions. But is just me or would more questions along with way really be so bad? Whatever will be said about this program, I have to agree with Stephen King and say that TV doesn't get better then this. Thank god Season 4 is just around the corner.

Project Runway is a perfect example of how something can be done and done well. And since it took them two seasons to get back on the air, I knew this season would definitely be a hit or miss. Thankfully, it is a wonderful hit, with some of the programs best designers to date. While the show could definitely deal with a bit less drama, health woes and that crying dude, its best moments are brighter then those in the past. My favorite part so far and I hope it continues is that the correct people have gone home so far. And with so many strong contenders, the final three is still eluding to me. With the challenges so difficult this early on, I can't wait to see what is produced next year, when the show returns to continue out the season. And hopefully, this season will have enough designers who make an impression in the actual fashion world.


Bravo was incredibly smart to follow this comedienne with a camera and document the self-professed D-Listers life. First, she is brutally honest about herself, second, very funny and lastly, she is incredibly brave. Watching Kathy isn't like watching a celebrity, but closer to like watching a friend. This season presented enough hardships for her with the break up of her marriage, searching for work and the sickness and untimely death of her father. We learned a great deal about Ms. Griffin and not in the "legs wide open way" that the rest of Los Angeles dwellers were giving the public. She showed that funny does have its fair share of hurt and that you can't do it all alone. But while she was going through turmoil, Kathy always seemed to have someone to turn to, which makes it easier to watch the comedienne. And when your staff seems to enjoy your company, we can get the sense you definitely are a real person, especially with the Tivoing of Oprah! While she is gaining a position on the ranks of celebrityhood, I am not sure she will ever forget where she came from and thats refreshing. The Academy finally rewarded her hard work with an Emmy and she of course managed to make a huge deal with her acceptance speech. With the ridiculous events that followed her "Suck it Jesus!" speech, Griffin proved that she can stir up trouble even when the cameras aren't following her. With her love life on the upswing and her career at its highest, I can't wait to see what the next chapter in this lovely lady's life will present us.

7. JIM & PAM
"The Office" continues to be one of the strongest comedies on the air in the past few years and what makes it great is the winning ensemble. Most of us have had the nutty boss, crazy cubical mate and office crush and this show manages to bring it to life with a true flair. But while most comedies are terrified of bringing together the unrequited love couples for fear of losing that tangible chemistry, this program is not. After three seasons of watching Jim and Pam coo over each other in all sorts of situations, we finally got to see the cute couple be just that - a couple. It's always been a "them against the office" mentality, so the official coupling doesn't really change that. The exchange of looks over their desks doesn't need to stop and we can finally stop wondering when these two are going to get together. What I am more interested in (and hopefully will be able to see it before I'm 50) to see what their exes think of the coupling. Let's see what Roy thinks now his suspicions are confirmed.


In the tradition of HBO programming, Flight of the Conchords managed to bring a fresh breath of air to TV. The show that follows the misadventures of a performance group from New Zealand and their attempt to "make it" in New York manages to find another dimension in comedy. Jermaine and Bret, along with their manager Murray and number one fan Mel, discuss their band more then they perform and most music numbers, at least one in each episode, are merely continuation of the plot. The "actual band" started as a stand up/folk act and the quirkiness of that description follows them here. I am not sure if I am more in love with the fact that they eat dinner with men who robbed them, buy leather suits to be "more rock" or sing with David Bowie in their dreams, but for anyone who is looking for an irreverent comedy that showcases the bitterness of an unsuccessful career in NY with the hilarity of a "coming to America" mentality will love it. Oh and if you like to laugh, you will love it too!

Stat tuned for the continuation of the BEST of TV in 2007 tomorrow....And we will be sacking the worst programming too!