Thursday, July 26, 2007

da daily round up

Let's get to it folks:

  • Gawker brings us more of the insanity that is the Lohan case.
  • Disney “bans” smoking from all of its future motion pictures. We sort of..
  • Michael will be returning to "Lost" next season. No word on how long Harold Perrineau will reprise the role of Michael or if his son Walt will be making an appearance. Thank you ABC for some idea of whats going to go on in 7 MONTHS FROM NOW!
  • Iphones surpisingly not that big of seller. Wait people didn’t feel like shelling out 600 bones and waiting on line to get a phone???
  • Oprah and Oxygen Network are getting sued. . Doesn’t anyone realize you can’t bring her down?
  • Probe into Pat Tillman's death will most likely cause some firings and demotions in the military
  • Nikki Sixx asks rocker friends to add entries to his upcoming release “Heroin Diaries”. The book is mainly Sixx’s diary entries from his time during a bad bout of addiction, but the musician decided to enlist friends like Tommy Lee and Slash to submit their own bios about their addiction with heroin. The book, set to be released in September 2007, will donate 25% of its profits to the Covenant House California, which works with homeless children and getting them of the street. There will also be a soundtrack to accompany the book.
  • Speaking of Slash - Guns N' Roses - the band will be reuniting this weekend at the Key Club in LA. Axl Rose will not be present, but don’t rule out a full style reunion in the future. I am sure Velvet Revolver ain’t doing that well.