Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daily Round Up

After all the Lohan madness, let's get to some entertainment and media bits:

  • The longest running TV program is hitting the big screen this weekend The Simpsons make the jump to theaters and will premiere its first feature length film on July 27th. It is expected to be the number one draw at the box office this weekend.
  • American males rejoice... Jessica Alba is officially single again.
  • As if the Campaign 2008 process wasn't annyoing already MySpace will begin in September with Town Hall type discussions with the Presidential candidates. They are taping Ivanka Trump as the moderators to bring “a hip and economically mobile” generation to the table. Um, this election thing is getting out of hand with the YouTube and MySpace . Although I like the idea of people my age able to now have direct contact with those in the running, watching politicians trying to be hip and cool is about as comfortable as a family reunion when you are 15 years old.

  • America's Next Food Network Star speaks out Amy Finley, who was picked as the winner of the reality competition dishes with TV Guide and tells them about the behind the scenes drama, how this has changed her life and what to expect from “The Gourmet Next Door” and her show on the Food Network
  • Toyota performing road tests on their plug-in hybrids They have been given approval from Japan to begin performing road tests on the first of their plug-in hybrid cars. GM is said to be in the beginning stages as well in creating an electric rechargeable car. Environmentalists are happy about the adaptations occurring in the car industry, but some are wondering if using all that electricity at home, which is mainly provided by fossil fuels, is any more beneficial to the environment. Hey, at least we are on our way to a cleaner day.
  • My Life on the D-List ends another season. This time around we got to see the real human part of Kathy Griffin, dealing with a difficult and public divorce and the death of her father. Kathy’s show is honest and makes you want to just be her friend. What is great about Ms. Griffin is she never takes herself too seriously, a quality that is truly disappearing from the entertainment business. I can’t wait for the next season!!

  • Airports are being warned about terrorist lead "dry runs” by the Transportation Security Administration. This information was leaked out to media outlets and the TSA has said the situation is not as serious as it sounds. The watch comes on the heels of various suspect objects have been smuggled into airports.
  • Social networking site Facebook’s heads are being sued by the guys who believe they created the idea behind the preppy answer to Myspace.

    This weekend's must do's and reality round up will be coming a bit later today.