Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So Campbell Brown obviously wants me to crush on her...

As most of you may know, I have a few girl crushes, specifically on feisty chicks who don't take no bull. And before this election cycle Campbell Brown would not have appeared in that list of crushes, but recently she has been giving it to the McCain campaign. First with the confrontation with Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesperson and now with her "Free Sarah Palin" editorial, Brown has found a place in my heart that I only thought was reserved for Rachel Maddow. Please journalists, take note and do the same!

I can appreciate editorial stances and the necessary probing (don't get any ideas!) it takes to get to the truth of the matter in politics, as long as it doesn't become too partisan for either side. The McCain campaign, since July, has deviated from "The Straight Talk Express" and hopped aboard the "We Hate the Press" express. I understand that as a Republican he can feel a bit attacked on the issues, since he votes so closely with Bush on almost all policies, but isn't this why he is running? And if you believe someone is strong enough to be your running mate as Vice President, shouldn't she be able to discuss issues with the press, even if they are hostile? I mean come on Sarah Palin wants to be second in command of America but is too scared to discuss her policy points with Campbell Brown? Really??? If Barack Obama or Joe Biden were to sit down, as they have on too many occasions to mention, they always answer the questions. The same can not be said for the other side. And if you can't be accountable for answers before an election, how can we trust you will be after? Eight years of secrecy is enough for this American!