Monday, September 15, 2008

UPDATED: Sarah Palin: What she means to me....Part 1

I am actually glad I saved my post about Sarah Palin and her qualifications. This weekend, I braced myself and watched the ABC News interview in its entirety. The interview was her only public interview since being affirmed by her party for the VP spot with Charlie Gibson of ABC News. To Palin's credit, she sure stuck on message with Charlie. And by this, she gave approximately the same answer to questions dealing with foreign affairs and war strategy. She seemed nervous when question of previous statements made earlier this year revering to the Iraq war as "god's plan" and her acknowledgment of not caring about the war any longer. The excerpts from the full interview from Friday night showcase attributes of Gov. Palin that I was already familiar with. She was able to stay on message- terrorism, Islamic, sure, war - extremely well and what's even more she has a similar gift that Bush has. And that is the ability to answer a question with a non answer answer. When confronted with questions regarding her strict views of religion and her belief that god is dictating the war in Iraq and pipeline production in Alaska she responded with quotes from Lincoln. When confronted with a straight forward question about her opinion on Bush's doctrine she responded with more conversion of war and terrorism (As we now know, this is because she was not completely familiar with what the Bush Doctrine was). When asked if she even considered not being ready before agreeing to run with McCain, she reiterated that she was ready and did not even waver in knowing this. Personally I think that was the scariest moment since anyone running for the second most important position should think about what they are bringing to the position, so pausing for reflection is not necessarily a terrible thing Governor. But not once, well at least not in the excerpts, did she reply with an actual fact or a plan of action. For a woman heaped upon a party and a nation just a few weeks ago, the only knowledge I gained from the interview thus far was her inability to truthfully answer questions without sound bites, her overall lack of foreign affairs and her reluctance to truly understand the magnitude of what was called onto her. This election cycle, I have been thrown through more hoops then any single one before. The party that has led to an attack on American soil, a downfall for the American dollar, housing crisis, security issues and overall malaise had some of the most bizarre heirs to the throne this time around. A man who the Right now acknowledges as a war hero and the best man fit man to run this country was only eight years ago dismissed by the Republican party for being "crazy", "unfit" and unworthy of the position comparatively with George Bush. His opponents this go around inspired the Democrats so much that their primary turn out was record breaking and led to the countries first female and black candidates for the Presidency. The choice of Palin by the McCain camp to be second in command is one for the record books. Her lack of track record, her near invisibility to the American voter before the announcement of her candidacy and the sheer fact that for someone running as a Maverick, a conservative croynist is an interesting choice to be your number two. Originally, Governor Palin was thought to be the answer to the Hillary voters who were apparently only voting with their vaginas. But so far Palin is proving to be almost completely opposite from Senator Clinton, her policies and her looks towards the future.

Palin repeats the idea of the “right” that if you say things enough they can become true. She has repeatedly said that she refused earmarks from the Federal Government, which we now know is true. We know she ferociously supported the “Bridge to Nowhere” before she said “Thanks, but No Thanks”. And we now have it confirmed by the McCain camp that she never went to Iraq, but merely a military base within Kuwait. Add that upon the facts we knew before and the information that will be released throughout the “Troopergate” investigation and I can not see how this “reformer” and “conservative” can remain in the race. I mean the Republicans would not want to support a duo of “flip-floppers”, would they?

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