Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paul Newman - A man and a legacy....

While I never personally knew Paul Newman, I do believe his presence will be missed on this earth. As an actor, father, humanitarian and overall good man, Newman was able to affect people all over the world and all while being humble about what he did. Paul Newman passed away at his home in Westport, CT this past weekend, alongside family and friends. While most praised Newman for being the polar opposite of most of his colleagues in Hollywood, he felt it was overindulgent and unnecessary. Unlike a lot of public figures who do charitable work nowadays, Newman just did it. A class apart from others, Paul was a person who was able to promote his personal interests and delve into other areas outside of his career which is probably what kept him sane and successful.

The man, who was unmistakably one of our country's greatest actors, will be fondly remembered by many for working within the system and celebrating his private triumphs privately. Married to his second wife for over 40 years, celebrated actress Joanne Woodward, Newman truly embodied a man that only most of us can dream about. With his convictions, he represented the Democratic party in the public eye since the 1960's and believed being President Richard Nixon's enemy list was "the greatest compliment he could receive". Newman was loyal to a fault to those around him and his convictions. And while it took almost thirty years into his career to be awarded with an Oscar, Newman was revered within the industry for decades. Newman was able to be a man's man and a lady's man, all while remaining true to himself and his family. He was a liberal who understood that the issues were beyond the standard politics. He was an actor who found the humor in his career and did not wallow in the self indulgence most do. He was the embodiment of "Just do it". He was a lucky man who found his true love the second go around and was able to create a life, including family, happiness and content with her until the end. Through the many links below, you can read further details into the strength of Mr. Paul Newman. While his death was not a tragic one, he will be greatly missed. But it is refreshing to say goodbye to someone who lived such a full and rewarding life.


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