Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Ladies of "The View" Discuss Presidential Qualifications

I personally try to avoid "The View" like it was the plague, especially since Meredith left a few years ago. But this election cycle has sent the yentafest into high estrogen levels, lead by Mrs. Elisabeth "I know politics b/c I was on Survivor" Hasselbeck. This woman has been recently touting the wonderfulness that is Sarah Palin at unbelievable levels, but I would not expect anything less from another empty-headed blonde who figured out being a loud mouth conservative in entertainment brought one way more attention then just being an average liberal. Today, the rest of nags had it with her assertion that Sarah Palin is ready to lead the country in January. Whoopi called her on it, Joy attempted to, Sherri laughed at it all and Barbra finally confronted Elisabeth into discussing the issue. Barbra asked her simply to give concrete reasons that Palin would be worthy of being President. And of course, Hasselbeck had to respond with the question of "What has Obama done?". Not to get too partisan, but if you truly believe in your candidate, like I do, you should be able to scream more than 3 qualifications for them to lead the country. And beyond that, they shouldn't simpyl be talking points.

Nauseating video below.

Source: Jezebel