Friday, October 3, 2008

Peggy Noon and Jon Stewart Discuss Patriotic Geace

Usually I stay away from any commentary given by Peggy Noonan on the issues of politics because I generally can’t stand her. She is a Reaganite who depicts Hillary Clinton as an evil woman and So I was apprehensive about checking her out on The Daily Show, especially since she still won’t fully admit she thinks the pick of Sarah Palin as the VP running mate for John McCain is “bullshit”. Well she sat down with Jon Stewart on Wednesday to discuss her new book ”Patriotic Grace” and what partisan politics is doing to this country. I was pleasantly surprised at the conversation Peggy and Jon had, discussing the issues that created the division and partisanship in the today’s political spectrum and how it truly is making the country divided. At the end of the segment, Jon and Peggy had really nice statements about what we should be doing.