Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah Palin Spent $150,000 On a Whole New Wardrobe.

Hey remember when Ann Coulter and her other Republican friends got all up in arms over John Edwards getting a $400 haircut? Oh good, me too! So it's odd that I didn't hear the same patriots shouting things today like "Off with her...St. Johns coat!" when it was released that since the conventions the Republican National Committee has spent $150,000 on Gov. Palin's wardrobe and makeup, as well as clothes for her family. Wow! That is some big bucks for a Washington outsider who wants you to know she is your average "Hockey Mom", just a real American. And ironically this information is on the heels of her dismissal of the major fund raising effort that drew in $150 Million for the Obama/Biden campaign as shocking to throw around "such a large figure during such a trying financial time". And as expected, the Republican pundits are of course questioning why we are making a big deal about this. But why did the RNC see it fit to dress up Gov. Palin in the way that they did, basically making her Cindy McCain 2.0? How come she couldn't have kept her Alaskan mom/outdoorsy attire? Why did she have to be made over for the Repugs? And if you don't know why its beyond offensive day in and day out to hear the hypocritical BS come out from the right and thrown at the Democrats, well then you need your head checked. But if the alarming decision to have some guy who was once the orchestrator behind robocalls AGAINST McCain in 2000, is even more telling. But if that doesn't turn you off from the "pro-America" team, maybe the video below will.

No? How about this gem?