Sunday, October 5, 2008

SNL and Real Time hits politics on its head....

How would we get through election cycles without the media mocking our politicians and SHOCKINGLY talking straight to Americans? On Friday night, Real Time with Bill Maher has Alec Baldwin, Christiane Amanpour and Gary Shandling sat down with Maher to discuss the bailout, the VP debate and the course of politics at this point. And in their own jocking manner, they ripped on the state of gov't in the United States. And oddly enough, Baldwin had the most concise and true point of view - everyone is to blame for this mess. Below is a clip of him and the other panel members debating the role of Republicans and Democrats in the economic downturn and our "rescue bailout" plan.

On top of that, SNL this week's only high points were the political skewerings delivered by the cast. And it seems that it could be the only strong attribute of the show continuing to pull in an audience nowadays. This weekend's was actually full of political satire. The below sketch on the bailout plan is a perfect example of what Baldwin was discussing in the above Real Time clip. While it goes on about two minutes too long, it just illustrates the nonsense that is partisanship within government right now and the lack of owning the mistakes from EITHER side. Enjoy!