Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin stops by SNL...and Amy Poehler wins...

Yeah yeah Sarah Palin did a few jokes during her guest appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and she locked arms with Alec Baldwin and neither of the two spontaneously combusted. Apparently, she was nice, courteous and open to poking fun at herself, qualities anyone in the public eye can surely benefit from. I can't say if she is actually funny because they didn't give her much to work with on the show, even though she was on camera three times. I do wish that there was more interaction with Tina Fey, although Ms. Fey might have asked for it that way, and want Tina wants Lorne grants. As Alec Baldwin pointed out in his round up for HuffPo, this is a parody sketch comedy show, not Meet The Press, so there was only so much they can do and I am sure a lot of things were gone over with a fine toothed comb. SNL did manage did manage to score its highest ratings in fourteen years with Palin's guest appearance on Oct. 18th, the highest viewer turnout since Nancy Kerrigan stopped by after the Tonya Harding incident. And while the show was its usual bore, the real hilarity came, as it has been for weeks, during Weekend Update. This season, as SNL usually does, is strongest around the political commentary. And while some see it as skewering of Palin or Hillary Clinton, I see it as supporting its strongest comedians, the women cast members. Sarah Palin stepped up to the plate, but it was truly Amy Poehler who hit a home run, per usual, with the "Palin Rap". ENJOY!

While many have dissected what this means for the McCain/Palin ticket, I was more interested in why likability somehow means electability in America? Of course after appearing on SNL many people decided they like Gov. Palin more today than they did yesterday. But because she can laugh at a joke and read correctly from a teleprompter, that should grant her access to the second most important position within our nation? This is what I do not get about the Republicans or half of the American voters out there. We already voted in a President we would like to have beer with and we are now in two wars and a looming depression. I had no doubt Palin wouldn't fail on SNL, but in America's eyes whenever Palin doesn't fail, she wins. I would assume that since America has grown accustomed to pathetic leaders who just barely make sense when speaking and fuck up 75% of the time as adequate enough that this somehow gives Palin even more traction. But lets remember that someone must succeed to win and in regards to her performance on Saturday, there was no success there for Palin. There was some success for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. And now the big question for SNL is what Lorne will do without his artillery of funny ladies by his side.