Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"I Learned if from watching...Gossip Girl?"

So I might be the only pop culture geek who doesn’t watch Gossip Girl. Now don’t get me a wrong, I actually like the show, a lot! It’s reminiscent of old nighttime soaps, ya know like Dallas and Dynasty, but with better stylists, background music and much hipper people. I also enjoy the fact that the show is based on life in New York and is actually filmed 50% of the time around the block from my house so its great to see how the set and prop stylists trick out my local coffee shops and bars to make them appear chi chi enough for these kids. But unfortunately, the program is on some time Monday evenings, when I am getting my MSNBC fix, so I have only been able to check it out sporadically. So although I like the show, I haven’t been able to watch any episode in sequence, which is the way I prefer my serialized dramas. (Don’t worry GG fans, I have gone and put the First Season on my Netflix que). Anyways, what I do know about the show is that it’s the hottest thing since sliced bread for the under-25 set and stars some of the true next generation of Hollywood It boys and girls. Which is why I was so excited about the following PSA, starring GG’s biggest stars and cutest couple, Penn Badgley, who I love, and Blake Lively just did in support of MoveOn.org. In the “mock PSA”, they urge young adults and well, their fan base to discuss the ramifications of a McCain/Palin administration in an adorable “this is your brain on drugs” sort of way. To see young Hollywood actors using their clout for progressive politics and backing up their information with knowledge is really impressive and a great breath of fresh air in regards to the young celebrity crowd. And while there are a few blogs out there already balking at the fact that Obama doesn’t need anymore “hip” help, I can’t see the harm in pushing teenagers and kids to discuss politics with their parents during this insanely important election. Check out the video below:

Source: HuffPo