Friday, October 24, 2008

Daily Rounds...

  • *Ashley Todd, the McCain campaign worker from Pittsburgh, who yesterday said she was attacked by an Obama supporter and mugged, as well as had a letter B carved into her face by her attacker, has changed her story once more. As expected from most media outlets, even from Michelle Malkin, the 20 year-old LIED and made up the whole attack. Pittsburgh police are looking into the matter to see what charges will be brought against the girl.

  • * Woohoo! Word is Gale Harold was released from ICU, following a nasty motorcycle accident earlier this month. A rep for the amazingly beautiful actor said late last night that Harold is expected to make a full recovery and would like to thank the fans for well wishes and prayers.

  • * Larry David, much like myself and millions of others, can not wait for November 4th to roll around. Any one else battling election paranoia/depression/anxiety?

  • * Bravo will not sit idly by and allow Lifetime to take Project Runway. The network already has another fashion designer making it big reality show in the works. On the other hand, this could be very bad news for PR and even the host, Heidi Klum is worrying what this will do to the fans of the program, along with the move to a new network.

  • *Jane’s Addiction reunited last night to a sold out crowd in downtown LA, had the Fire Marshall come down and wowed the small crowd with 10 classic songs. And good news, Dave Navarro declared the performance by the original foursome a success on his blog and said he hoped it would happen again. Navarro credited the power behind the band to returning original bassist Eric Avery. Check out pictures from some luck bastards here!

  • *Sarah Palin is now saying that she did not spend $150,000 on new clothes and that apparently they are all on some plane or something. This is a day after the McCain campaign somewhat confirmed the purchases and said all items would be donated to charity after the campaign. Can these two crazies get their stories straight?

  • * And finally, can you wait till 2009 for your next Lost fix? No, well check out the trailer for the fifth season below.