Sunday, October 5, 2008

The VP Debate - Tank, but No Tanks - Part 2

It has honestly taken me way too long to wrap my head around Thursday night's VP debate and the bullishness that followed from the McCain campaign that it's almost difficult for me to write this. After cozying up on my couch Friday night, after a long long week, with a glass of wine and a DVRed VP debate to watch, I wasn't sure that I would be able to get mad since I was already privy to most of the gems spit out from either side in Friday morning's news cycle. I think what shocked me most about the debate was the fact most Americans, those who are not heavily involved in party politics, were only given a true dedicated hour and a half to meet and learn about their VP candidates. In the age of overdosing on technology, one would think that since we have heard so much about both tickets, this debate would have just been filler space. But Gov. Palin has only been in the major limelight for 5 weeks and really has only given a few canned interviews and some repetitive stump speeches until this weekend. I know virtually nothing about the direction she wants America to go in, what she wants us to accomplish and how she plans on making any of this happen. And the fact that I don't know this and have yet to learn terrifies me. After the debate, most reports, pundits, even myself said "She was a good debater". I thought she was because overwhelmingly she charmed HER audience, was never overly aggressive, responded when necessary and avoided any topic or question that would trip her up. But the problem is, after an additional hour and a half with Governor Palin, I still KNOW NOTHING OF HER PLANS. She is in line for the Presidency people. She will, if her ticket wins, obtain the second most important position within our government and our country. And she will be second in command under a President who is to put it nicely, old. And God forbid anything were to happen, she would be given the reigns. I am completely flabbergasted by the past few months of this election cycle and he appointment and announment of palin can just be added to he lost of fumbfounding things. With the past two weeks of limited acces to gov palin, her supporters and her continuously aggressive tone at rallies,she seems to be making sure that the past eight years was just a blip on the conservative takeover of America.

At least Saturday Night Light can continue to poke fun at it.