Friday, October 3, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate - Tank, but No Tanks - Part 1

I know I know. You are all wondering what I thought about last night’s Vice Presidential debate. Well honestly, I only saw 30 minutes of it, because I was out partying it up my closest friends in celebration of one of my ladies visiting from LA (more on that later). I DVRed it and only watched about fifteen minutes last night before the boyfriend called foul and the rest was skimmed through this morning while dolling myself up. From the polls and what I saw, Senator Biden won hands down. But I don’t think it’s fair to describe something I have only sort of seen, so a full recap is coming this weekend. But until then, here is a political new wrap up of the week, with some video from Governor Palin and Senator Biden last night.

  • Last night’s VP debate was rating’s gold coming in with 42% more viewers than last Friday’s Presidential debate.
  • Through various polls, Biden was the winner of last night’s debate. He also appeared more Presidential than Governor Palin.
  • Here is the full transcript of the VP debate.
  • Reaction to Joe Biden’s teary memory of being a “single dad” draws in more independent woman.
  • In VP Debate, both Palin, Biden “did no harm”.