Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank You Vh1 for reminding me there is other things out there other than politics....

So last night, VH1 was able to help me out of the election/recession/I hate my job/house/etc depression I have been going through in October. The lovelies at VH1 programming saw fit to provide me with an “I Love Money” Reunion show and the season premieres of the skank fest “Charm School: Rock of Love” edition and cheese fest “The Pickup Artist”. I know that I should not be watching this G-List of reality celebrity whores battling it out for anything, but I am not that embarrassed to admit that I have a problem. A problem that VH1 is always taking advantage of. So at the “I Love Money” Reunion, tempers flared, the word whore was shouted way too many times to count, Heather, the classy stripper fought with many women and I wanted to know how Destiney was doing. Even thought Hoopz won the final challenge and walked away with $250 K, it seemed the true focus was on Megan. Honestly it became an episode of Maury, with girls just screaming over each other for screaming sake and only saying "You just jealous! No I'm not!". Anyways, the reunion showcased a bunch of newly thin skanks screaming at each other about who is skankier - which I love.

And luckily for us, skanks were the theme last night with Vh1's newest installment of "Charm School" the Rock of Love version. In the first fifteen minutes, there were two physical altercations and a contestant so drunk, she fell asleep in a potted plant. So Sharon Osbourne, the den mother and decider of charm this go around got rid of Ms. Sleep in Potted Plants.

More thorough recaps will be coming each week with a joint stint at HangTheTV! And finally, Pick Up Artist, which is a sham if I ever saw it, brings a bunch of loser dudes and has an even bigger loser, who affectionately calls himself Mystery, help them on their quest to gain self-esteem and notches in their bed post. Last night, they makeover said losers and half of the dudes got FACIAL PIERCINGS. And the dude giving the makeovers wears goggles, in 2008, and not while swimming. 1996 called and asked for its douchebags back.

Anyways, please please please numb the pain of the embittered and long election cycle with a Sunday night in, watching VH1. You will thank me.