Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sweetie, Darling, Abort Abort Abort this idea!

At some point, Hollywood is just going to kill me with all these remakes and recasts of once upon a time funny. The latest to send my head spinning and getting me closer to an aneurysm is the in development redo of on my favorite things ever to have been created, Absolutely Fabulous. Apparently, “hip and savvy” Fox Network is developing the American update of the near perfect comedy about one has-been, Patsy and her best friend who never was, Edina and their path into middle age, along with fashion tidbits, alcoholism, 60’s pop stars and the studious daughter of the never was, Saffy. Now honestly, I was aghast when I heard this news because the original is so perfect and so British and just all around not very easily replaceable. While Jennifer Saunders, the star (Edina) and brainchild behind the original, is involved in some way, as are the creators behind another favorite of mine, Arrested Development, I don’t see this show doing well.

They are moving the situation to Los Angeles, naturally, and I am sure will go way over the top with the alcoholism, wannabe and overall cougarness. The genius of the original was that it proper in a tacky way, which I don’t think an American show can tackle well enough. And we all know what Fox does to smart and out there comedies. If this anything like “Cybil” or “High Society”, I will be beyond mad. To calm me down and look at greatness, here is a great scene.

Also, the entire series is now available on DVD in a complete collection.