Friday, October 10, 2008

NBC strikes out with US version of "Kath & Kim"

The unfunny atrocity that was Kath & Kim last night just perpetuates my fear about the upcoming Americanization of AbFab. I had heard the echoed poor reviews for the program, but I thought I would give it a chance, since I remember how much I couldn’t stand watching original episodes of The Office and now it will be a favorite comedy of mine forever. But there is a major difference between comedy growing pains, which affects even the best show, and something being unfunny. I have to say that this show was just not funny. It wasn’t like I was missing the joke, it was that it wasn’t actually there for anyone to get. And I can not imagine what watching this show would be like if I was an actual fan of the original. The show, which centers around a mother and her bratty "trophy wife" wannabe daughter, had really no redeemable quality or an actual plot I would be interested in. The characters were not just unlikable, but more annoying and forgettable than any I have seen recently. I couldn't understand if they were actually vacant or stupid, or just being that ironically. Either way, I was completely baffled how this poop got a green light. Anyways, I know NBC will give a few more weeks to really stink and then pull it, but I will not be bothering checking this out again.