Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NO..not Brian Kinney!!!!!

No no no no!!!!! TMZ is reporting that the lovely, talented and completely underutilized Gale Harold from “Queer as Folk” fame was critically injured yesterday during a motorcycle accident. While there are conflicting reports on how serious the injuries are, we do not that Harold is in the ICU unit of USC Medical Center. The actor’s rep said that they are hoping for a full recovery.

Let it be known that if Gale Harold, one of the most beautiful men ever, does not fully recover, I will be curled up on my bed, crying, eating ice cream and watching a “Queer of Folk” marathon. Harold is currently working on “Desperate Housewives”, playing Teri Hatcher’s boyfriend Jackson. Honestly, why Gale out of all the crappy cast members on this stinky turd of a show had to get fucked up is beyond me. Ugh, while I quietly cry in my cubicle at the idea of no Brian Kinney, please watch the video below and understand the beautifulness of Gale Harold.