Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where in the World is John McCain???

Many have wondered why this blog has gone super political recently. Well honestly, I feel like my life is four things, waiting for Project Runway (my recap is on its way!), listening to the new TV on the Radio, hanging with my boyfriend and dog and flipping between cable news networks and political blogs to get the good sense of what in Sam’s hell is going on in this election. Yesterday was definitely an interesting day for me and the rest of the thinking world. First John McCain, after waiting NINE WHOLE DAYS to understand what an economic crisis is, stood up against the economic failings of the Bush Administration and big business and vowed to cease his political campaign until the bailout bill was passed in Congress. Um, so does that mean Obama wins cause I’m cool with that? McCain either made a more dangerous move than picking Sarah Palin as his running mate or he staged the most perfect photo op and won the election yesterday. And since it takes a few days to see lifts in the polls, it’s all up in the air. But as of now, all sides of the aisle, pundits, news execs and his fellow Senators are saying this was a desperate move, from a desperate man and truly shows his inefficiency as a leader – you know people who have to deal with various crisis all at one time. Even FoxNews is looking at this as way to hijack the spotlight and glory once again and reports that politicians on both sides of the aisle are infuriated with action. Yeah McCain managed to visit Clinton's Global Initiative Conference here in NYC today to discuss what else, but the economy! Um hey...isn't this the same dude who said yesterday he wanted to run right back to D.C. to help out all the other incompetent Senators and Congresspeople to put together a bill. Yep I am sure this will fly well with the American people. But this is a country that didn’t seem to mind when their President continued to read a book to five year olds once he found out our country was being attacked by hijacked airplanes, so what can you do?

Last night, John “I ain’t no celebrity” McCain was set to appear on the David Letterman show when he canceled so he could fly back to Washington DC and help out the financial crisis bail out talks. Only he was actually still in NYC all night, but one could only assume his advisers thought showing up to a talk show the same day you decided to put your campaign on hold “for the country” would look silly (never mind his appearance this morning at the Clinton Global Initiative). And David Letterman found out the hard way and let’s just say from the clip below, Letterman doesn’t like to be made a fool.