Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Baaacckkkk...The Daily Rounds..

There was so many goodies to catch up with this week, I figured let’s bring back some DAILY ROUNDS…

  • * Michael Cera apparently does not want me to lust after him anymore. Cera is pulling a Claire Danes saying that he does not want to appear in an Arrested Development movie. He is not sure why any fan of the hilarious series would want a big screen version where there are three seasons on DVD. I say “Don’t make me get egg on you!”.

  • * In other weird movie news, studios think people who watched Saturday morning tripped out shows in the 1970’s are just waiting to see them come to the big screen. Another Hollywood studio, Universal, has cut a deal to make a live action version of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, another Marty Kroft production. I would also assume hallucinogen sales will skyrocket when this is released.

  • * If you are like me, you can not wait for the fifth season of The Office this September. Well Amy Ryan, hopefully a permanent cast member, dishes about the upcoming season, cast updates and the overall relationship with Michael her HR character will have. I know last season was not as good, but let’s just blame the inconsistency on the Writer’s Strike, okay?

  • * Lauren Conrad from MTV’s The Hills has signed a 3 book deal with HarperCollins to create a Young Adult series, loosely based on LC’s life. Um, really? Can anyone just get book deals nowadays? I get the intrigue and I can actually see it being a fairly interesting series for the YA audience, but can it just be based on her life and HarperCollins doesn’t try and trick us into thinking LC can write anything longer than a text message? Come on!

  • * Steven Soderbergh will be directing a biopic/movie based on the life of Liberace, the ultra famous flamboyant pianist and show man. Michael Douglas is set to play the title role and I am super intrigued to see how he will pull it off. Matt Damon was reportedly cast as Liberace’s companion, Scott Thorson. This will be a very interesting movie I think.

  • * Speaking of Matt Damon, the actor, spoke about his views on Sarah Palin, the VP nominee on the Republican ticket, this past Monday. The actor believes Palin leading would be “an absolute disaster” and that its preposterous for someone so lacking in experience to be running.
    Here is the video of his rant and, in my personal opinion, well warranted.

  • * Bill O'Reilly slams McCain campaign for lying attack ads and smears on Obama. Man, today is a civil day.

  • * And finally, Senator Barack Obama’s appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman last night gave David Letterman his second highest ratings of the year. The Senator discussed his plans, the attacks from the right, the ridiculous lipstick on a pig saga and was his normal charming self. Its nice to hear someone running for high political office speak with candor and charisma at the same time.