Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Day, Same Old Crap from the Right Side...

It's hilarious how a straight answer is nearly impossible form the Republicans. Family and private lives are apparently not important anymore when you have a VP choice, who believes in abstinence only education, and a pregnant teenage daughter. And when you ask about Palin's direct experience, you simply hear more of the same - shit about Obama. Kudos to Campbell Brown for not backing down on the questions. I would love to have known how the Republicans and their armies of Dodos would have treated John Edwards' daughter in 2004 if she was in a similar situation. Lord knows they all had such tact when it came to Chelsea Clinton. Republicans are flipping the script on the Democratic party and the American public once again. Experience at an executive level from being the mayor of 8,000 people? Really???? But I do think Brown's strongest point was asking the McCain aide why, fully knowing that her daughter would be going through such a difficult time in the upcoming months, Palin thought it would be appropriate to throw the situation into the public eye? I too wonder where the judgement is there. I am fairly certain that Senator Obama nor Senator Clinton would ever stoop to that level to win a Presidency.