Thursday, September 25, 2008

Episode 11 - Project Runway - Music is my desginer! - SPOILER ALERT!

So let’s just be honest and say last night’s episode of Project Runway was, in Suede’s third person words, “WHACKADOODLE!”. We get it. You are phoning it in PR Season Five. I am not sure who wants it to die of failure first Bravo or the producers, but really this was one of the last challenges you wanted before Bryant Park? I get the makeover challenge and actually I think it’s a great idea, but making Korto into country is weird and seems like a third episode challenge, not the one before we figure out the final three. And honestly, what is up with the producers wanting these designers – all known for women’s wear – trying to slip them up with designing menswear. One hot tranny mess of a challenge is enough Heidi! Regardless of the wacky premise, I figured out another fun fact that has eluded up until this point – KENLEY=SANTINO! Come on, you know its true. She’s got way too much attitude, the other designers are bored to tears with her, but the judges will not get rid of her because they know she has a sellable aesthetic. Last night she bitched at her fellow designers, pulled a real attitude with Tim Gunn (which in my mind is inexcusable) and then pulled sad sack story on the runway for the judges. Want some cheese with that whine? Ugh Keenley, grow a pair or sew a pair, but quit complaining.

The challenge of last night to makeover your fellow designer with an outfit based on a style of music was interesting and tragic for most contestants. I think, as it seems the past few weeks has shown us, Jerrell and Korto are the ones to beat. Korto created a punk inspired look, but did not make Suede look well any worse then he normally does. His sad little pudgy goth kid walk down the runway did make me feel bad – for me. Jerrell dressed up Kenley like a pop diva/hoochie and special guest LL Cool J was licking his lips all about it (Really some chapstick company has yet to pounce all over this guy and lips?). Leanne made some sad Holly Hobby meets Hipster alley country western outfit for Korto. Granted country style has the ability to cross the line to costume in one stitch, but this was neither country nor costume. Kenley’s attempt at making Leanne hip hop was lost on almost everyone. While her outfit wasn’t as bad as everyone alluded to, its NOWHERE near hip hop, but it did evoke Kenley in it. Which sadly, I can not same the about the “rock n roll” outfit Suede threw upon Jerrell. It was poorly made, dated and did not scream Suede other than not looking good. Which is truly the reason Kenley stayed and Suede got the ol’ heave ho. And as one can see from his Bryant Park runway show, Suede does not have the chops to even pretend to be America’s next great designer. Next week looks like a doozey with all of them crying up on the runway. I wonder who makes it to the final three?

What did you think of last night’s challenge? Did the right person win?
Here’s the looks, once again.

Suede's design for Jerrell

Jerrell's design for Kenley

Leanne's design for Korto

Kenley's design for Leanne

Korto's design for Suede

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