Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project Runway Recap - Episode 10 - Graduation Day - SPOILER ALERT!

Last night’s episode of Project Runway had the designers create “new looks” for six young women who just graduated college and were ready to move onto the real world. The designers met with their picked at random customer and the customer’s mother and put together a full look to get them a head start with their careers. Most matches made sense, like Jerrell and his client, as well as Kenley with hers. But unfortunately this was not the case for all the young women, just ask the poor girl, who aspires to be a graphic designer, how it was to work with Joe. To put it bluntly, last night we had one true winner and runner up and then simply some bad to worse looks. Just let’s be thankful these girls weren’t forced to wear some of these outfits.

Now let’s get to the heart of the episode. We learned a few things from last night’s episode of Project Runway. First, Suede and Joe have absolutely no taste or design aesthetic. We have sort of known this for a while, but the outfits those two created last night for young women who just graduated college were ATROTIOUS. Honestly, if I were the judges, I would have kicked them both out. The second thing we learned is that Kenley is beyond full of herself. In the beginning, I was very much behind her, but this attitude and thinking you are deserving of winning every challenge, with virtually the same look each time, is very bothersome. When she was told she was safe, the stink face that came over her was priceless. Granter her customer, a mini-Kenley with a better attitude, was very happy with her look. But it was not the best ensemble out there. Kenley’s attitude has been getting increasingly worse each week and it is frustrating to see her continuously putting down others and elevating herself. Humbleness is a virtue miss. And finally what we learned is Jerrell has got it! Honestly, his three piece outfit was perfect and chic and I wanted it the minute she put it on. Michael Kors said it best when he described the piece as “sophisticated to a 22 year-old”. For the past few weeks, Jerrell has not only brought us good fashion, but a real sense of his design aesthetic. Korto did well on the challenge and while the outfit was beautifully put together it wasn’t a full knockout. Kenley’s was nice, but it was too similar to pieces she had presented before and Leanne’s was nothing to write home about, nor nothing worthy of going home.

Here are my top three from last night:

Now let’s get to the worsties. Really I was almost speechless at how bad both Joe’s and Suede’s outfits were. They were poorly designed, dated, of course for their client’s needs and honestly just plain old ugly. Truly this should have been the challenge where two people go home. I would have rather seen Blayne’s poopy cloth tumor again than either of those two outfits. Suede came through okay because his Sgt. Pepper meets G&G meets Miss Divine circa 1992 outfit wasn’t as off the mark for his client as was Joe’s. To put it nicely, Joe threw together a collarless (YUCK!) suit that looked like it was created by a 15 year old high school football dude forced to participate in Home Economics. It was bad bad bad! Joe was sent packing last night for his ill fitting 80’s suit WITH A POCKET SQUARE and rightfully so. Suede is probably praying to God and thanking him for that swatch of fabric. Uhh I am trying to forget the outfits.
Here are the worsties:

I also allowed myself this morning to check out Joe’s Bryant Park collection and to kick a man when he is down, it was truly terrible too. I am sure audience members knew for sure this guy was a goner. Seriously check it out. Anyways, next week looks like an interesting challenge and apparently both Tim Gunn and the judges finally five to Kenley for being a royal bitch. Nobody likes a whiner!

What did you think?

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    David Dust said...

    I can't wait for next week when Tim Gunn tells Kenley about her stank self!

    CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.


    jameela said...

    While I love you assessment of this recnt challenge I completely disagree with your assesment of Joe's finale collection. Joe is a steak and potatoes man and put out a steak and potatoes collection. He did not set out to do high fashion , he set out to do a collection that fit who he is. And believe me alot of women will be in his jeans and bustiers. (Not together necessarily)