Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is Why I Love Living in NYC!!!

Today is the sort of day that makes it real easy to become sad about living in New York. It's hard not to remember what happened here seven years ago and that truly it could happen again. Everywhere I went today, I felt it - on the Subways, in my office building, even in the little park by my house. It's sometimes difficult to live in a city where so many things remind you of a terrible day. And there is an element of panic that can come over you so easily because of it. So it was a pleasant surprise getting off my subway stop on the way home from work and saw that they were filming Ugly Betty. I live in an area of NYC - LIC to be exact - where this is literally a weekly occurance. If they aren't filming a TV show, then they are filming a movie and if its not that, then its a commercial. But today, to see Lindsay Lohan dressed up like a fast food waitress and America Ferrera in her Ugly Betty garb put a smile on my face. For all you new readers, if there is one celebrity I adore its Lohan. Not sure its the freckled face Irish in me, that we went to the same high school or the fact that I think she is truly a great actress, but I have always known she would be huge.

Recently she has had the good fortune of things picking back up for her in Hollywood after scandals so bad everyone in the business thought she would be through as an actress. It seems that with quality friends and loved ones around her, she got her stuff together and is working hard at working. It's bizarre to me that everywhere she goes, like earlier this week when she stopped by Charlotte Ronson's runway show at Bryant Park with Samantha, she is barraged with cameras. I mean even my little nerdy butt was standing on the street corner taking pics of her rehearsing earlier today. Recently, I have received a few emails asking me what I think about Lohan and her "change" from readers who know how much I like her. Well honestly, I think its great. I love that Hollywood can remain a place where stars are made and that it is entirely possible to be on the ground one day and at the top of the ladder the next. I think its awesome that my hometown girl has found herself someone that makes her happy and cares about her (Seriously, the Ronsons have to be the hottest family around). And I am even more excited that someone who does have talent and drive is back on the path to actual stardom. We live in a world where celebrity is no longer based on talent, but over saturation. We also live in a world where redemption is a friend to many so it is exciting to see someone who could have lost getting it back. So I hope she has fun during the rest of her time here and hey Linds, if you get bored, give me a ring. Just make sure not bring this guy next time I see you!

On the set of "Ugly Betty" pics......

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TwiceShy said...

!! I just want to give her a hug in that last one.