Thursday, March 27, 2008

Langhorne Slim on David Letterman

Last night, Langhorne Slim and his band War Eagles had their network television debut. The amazing indie folk artist did a hell of job performing "Restless" on The David Letterman Show. I love Langhorne and his honest style. The song, along with his new album, brings a great maturity to the blues/folk stylings he is known for and shows a depth not capitalized on with his previous works. Langhorne can virtually take an audience to wherever he wants his storytelling over acoustic guitar and I am so glad to see this talent being recognized. I have known Slim for many years now since we went to Purchase College together and even back then we all knew this day would come. He has been working on his craft since school, playing small clubs all over NYC and the states and continues to grow his fan base ten fold with each year.

To see one of your friends become well known for their honest talent and shake hands with David Letterman is pretty mind blowing. So if you have yet to check out Langhorne Slim, please stop by his Myspace page and listen to some of his great new record. Here is the awesome performance from last night's Letterman episode.

Picture courtesy of Hilary Ruggiano

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Wallace said...

I love Langhorne. I missed him on Letterman so thanks for posting the video. His still is so unique. I caught him way back at the Sidewalk Cafe in NYC and have been following ever since.