Friday, March 7, 2008

Hungover and the Daily Rounds..

So I am in the words and tone of Paul Rudd, I am hung ovahah this morning. It was almost crippling to get out of bed, put on some clothes and make it to work this morning. And to top it off there was a sick passenger on the 7 train, which came this close to making me a sick passenger. It’s almost 12PM and I just now getting my wits about me. I have never been one of those people who can get rip roaring drunk, go to bed and wake up 4 years later and be productive. I filled my belly with greasy food this morning and now I’m just sucking back water like its going out of style. I got so wasted at the Plug Awards last night, which I will go into detail about in a later post, but it was fun. Today to save my sanity, we are rolling out with the Daily Rounds format and the larger posts will be coming your way in the afternoon. I have a lot of stuff to discuss today

  • * In political news, Natalie Portman thinks Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate. And she is not alone. MTV News caught up with superstar Jack Nicholson to discuss his support for Clinton and why he felt the need to put together a viral campaign video for the presidential hopeful. Nicholson believes “she is the best choice for our next Commander-in-chief”. See, who said Jack doesn’t like older women?

  • * Also, BarackObama apologized for "monster" remarks an adviser made in an interview with The Scotsman. Samantha Power , an unpaid foreign relations adviser to the Obama campaign stated that she believed that Clinton’s team were using dirty tricks and that Obama “fucked up” in Ohio. Power has since quit over the publicity mess that stirred up this morning. Now it definitely was stupid thing to say, but I have heard a lot worse. Just not sure why Democrats are still fighting Democrats when they NEED to win in November.

  • *Guiness put together a campaign of their own in order to make St. Patrick’s Day a national holiday. If you are like me and support the effort, you can view and sign the petition here. As an Irish-American, I find it insulting that little to no attention is paid to the sacrifices of the Irish immigrants who came here and built this country. Go Prop 3-17!!!!!

  • * Well Christian Siriano, winner of this season of Project Runway, already has a very important client. Victoria Beckham has begun working on designs with 21 year old designer. I think most of the clothing is for her specifically, which is a great platform for an up and comer, but I do believe that there are rumors that she will be working on her own line herself. I wonder if she is interested in a “fierce” collaboration.

  • * American Idol has it's final 12 contestants. While I am not ashamed to say I am sort of interested in this season, some of the participants that were kicked off this week and last seemed odd choices by me. I don’t care enough to vote for anyone, but sensation Danny Noriega was given his walking papers last night, as well as inspiring Asia'h Epperson. I think this might be an interesting and male-centric season.

  • * Ashton Kutcher is now punking the press instead of celebrities. In the past week, ridiculous stories surfaced of Paris Hilton meeting with a healer at a coffee shop and Cameron Diaz and Sean Combs boinking and the man behind it all is laughing at how easily the press and the public are tricked in to stuff. Kutcher’s show “Pop Fiction” is an exploration of the way the gossip sites and mags cover celebrity rumors and the process of these stories. Reportedly, Ashton has other stories circulating as we speak, so they are keeping hush hush on the filming of the show. I think its an awesome idea and really a kick in the butt for journalists and bloggers to do more homework than just commenting on pictures from Splash Online. One thing that can be said about Ashton is incredibly smart and I’m pretty sure he will own Hollywood in a few years.

  • * Corey Feldman discusses Lost Boys 2 and the demise of his forever broship with Corey Haim on his blog today. The actor says that MTV is interested in putting out a trailer for the film as soon as this week and that tapping the reality show for A&E has put relationship between the two Coreys in dangerous territory. It could also be that Feldman is a megalomaniac with an ungrateful bitchy wife and an incredibly needy and co-dependent ex-addict as a best friend, but whatevers. In other news, I have been happily watching License to Drive before I go to bed this week.

  • *Come on you knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The Lohan family has been all over NYC the past few days filming scenes for Living Lohan, a reality show for E! which focuses on Dina and her struggles raising kids, while pimping them out for cash. And Lindsay is said to be slightly involved with the program, which means that she will show up and pretend to give a shit about what’s going on. I will of course be a dedicated fan to this show, since you all are aware of my Lindsay madness.

  • * And finally, Robert Downey Jr. better pull this off. The actor is playing an actor, who finds out he needs to be black for a role in a military movie and therefore dyes his skin in Tropic Thunder. The movie directed by Ben Stiller has gone through enough problems during filming in the jungles of Hawaii and I hope this little piece of news doesn’t have the PC police after him. Downey Jr. believes that part is written well and once you see the movie, you will understand the character has dignity and that this no Soul Man.