Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Don't get it twisted - Betty White is a gangster....

Betty White appeared on the The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson right before the Oscars and she was fucking hilarious. She discusses her job as a an accountant and a drug mule. She also lets us know that Pat O'Brien can't keep his hands to himself.

I have loved this woman since I saw her on Match Game when I was little girl and she represented the Scandinavians on the epic Golden Girls.

She always brings the funny and was one of the original cute comediennes. Amy Poehler - take note - this is how you should be in 40 years. She's way smarter than you think and always finds a way to bring the raunch to an otherwise little old joke. And hands down Ms. White still has one of the best set of gams in the entertainment industry.

Here is some more of the funny lady at the William Shatner roast. I love love love Betty White!!!!!

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This is what I think: Betty White