Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Daily Rounds.....

The election coverage, if you can consider what the major outlets are considering actual coverage even news, i.e. trips to Bosnia in 1996, is driving me to an early grave. I have promised myself not to fall for it this year so let's get to the pop culture news of the day...or actually the past couple of days...

  • * You got to feel bad for this dude.

  • * YEA!!!! David Cross and Bob Odenkirk are coming back to HBO. Woohoo!!!! I fucking love Mr. Show and can't wait for these dudes to bring the funny back.

  • * Things I learned today: Rich women in Hollywood are dumb: Priscilla Presley and her friends allowed some fake doctor to inject them with silicone and Demi Moore thinks she can maintain her looks with leeches. Confirmed - they are dumb!

  • * The LA Times discusses the genius that is John Hughes and how is still impacting comedies being made today. Hughes has created some of my favorite moments in cinema history, so this is a very intersting read on the reclusive comedic writer.

  • * How does Wal-Mart continue to find ways to become more evil. They actually sued an ex-employee who became brain damaged in a car accident for their medical payments back. Someone get me a cucumber...

  • * Can you stand the heat? Lollapalooza's line up is freaking amazing this year!!! I wish I knew I wouldn't pass out in Chicago's August heat waves.

  • * Of course they are saying this. Apparently at the gossip mags don't give two sticks about Pop Ficton, the Ashton Kutcher show. Well wouldn't you say this after a celebrity proves you aren't doing your job?

  • * South Park will have every one of their episodes online for free.

  • Check out The Breeders and album release party for Mountain Battles. Its on Vimeo.
  • And finally, Michael Stipe is funny. Check out the new R.E.M album on iLike. And watch his very important announcement below.

  • *