Friday, March 28, 2008

Barack Obama on The View

Barack Obama spent some time with the ladies on the View this morning. He was on for about a half an hour and answered a great deal of questions. He discussed racism, his recent drama with Rev. Wright and his ground breaking campaign, as well as his plans for if he gets the job in the White House. I have compiled a clip form of the program, courtesy of my new fave website Red Lasso. Obama was able to present a few ideas of his today that I was unfamiliar with and his ability to handle these women was refreshing. The best part was him asking Elizabeth if she had to put together a reel of her dumbest 5 quotes ever and the laughter between the other ladies on the couch.

While I will spare everyone my pick on whom should be President, I think this man has so much character it's ridiculous. He is a savy politician whose youth has been an asset to his campaign and the voters. Its rare to have a politician so eager to reach out to the masses and if he was to win the Presidency, it would be incredibly refreshing to have a leader with an open door policy of communication.

Here is the interview, in segments, and please let me know what you think!!!.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

UPDATE: Part 3 is now fully functioning - THANKS WVG!!!!!


OBAMA MAMA said...

Obama is the only candidate this election that has actually listened to what the voters want and will back it up.

Thanks for posting this since I can't watch the shitfest The View has become.

OBAMA '08!!!

Westvillagegirl said...

Hey there artfulslinger. Thanks for the clips. I am not just drinking the Koolaid, I'm guzzling it.

Oh, also, the third clip doesn't seem to be working. Just an FYI ... thanks again!

Felicity said...

I HATE THE VIEW, but I am glad they had Obama come in and speak to them and their viewers.