Saturday, March 15, 2008

EYE SPY - Celebrity Sightings....

I have the uncanny ability to run into celebrities. Not sure if its because they run rampant here in New York City or am I just frequenting random places. Here's the round up of peeps I saw this week...and no, there will be no canoodling rumors here. I will try and put these EYE SPY sections together each week.....ENJOY!

  • * I saw Josh Hartnett, Michael Pitt, Leo Fitzpatrick and Lukas Haas at a birthday party in Brooklyn last week. They all were hanging out with friends, being respectful and enjoying themselves. And none of them were making out with Helena Christensen, sorry.

  • * I spoke with Ann from America's Next Top Model at Williamsburg thrift store Beacon's Closet. The girl is gorgeous in real life and very down to earth.

  • * Again, I caught James McEvoy chatting with fans on the set of his film WANTED and giving autographs. What a nice guy!