Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot Ness would never be this stupid...

So yesterday afternoon us here in New York found out our Governor, you know the one who came in with guns blazing saying he would clean up the mess of corruption in the New York State government, was schtooping a prostitute.

Elliot Spitzer has since made a cute little speech about how sorry he is for being an idiot and that he was supposed to uphold the law and instead he boinked a lady in Washington D.C. and paid her thousands of dollars. He of course dragged his poor and embarrassed wife out so she could stand behind him while he gave this "humble" speech and she looked as impressed at his revelations as I do when I see the American Idol contestants. Ironically, the former Attorney General, who made a name for himself crusading against big business and illegal rings, was brought down yesteday by the same stings he used himself.

So I wonder, when will male politicians learn to keep it in their pants?? If you notice, you never hear about Nancy Pelossi or Dianne Feinstein cheating on their mates with interns, prostitutes or the boy in the bathroom stall next to them. And don't even front like men aren't attracted to these ladies in power. So what's the deal dudes? Are you this lonely? Are your wives really holding out on you so badly you would throw your careers and the lives of your constituents away for some hot sexy action? I mean Spitzer has a very attractive wife, who seems like she has it together since she hasn't murdered him yet for embarrassing her so badly, so what's the deal? And if you morons are going to cheat, let's take a cue from the mob. The made men are smart about their practices outside the marriage. They get some cute, young girl from Staten Island, who only wants an apartment, fancy dinners and a bunch of chunky gold jewelry and they keep her happy. They don't rock the waters and they seem to not get caught. You would think after all the years of watching criminals being brought down Spitzer would have learned to cover his tracks. Apparently the man we thought was so smart, is not. Uggh...I can't wait for the two parter on Law & Order. Dick Wolff must love this shit.